Netball – Netball coaching – Netball drills – Junior netball

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Netball - Netball coaching - Netball drills - Junior netballMy daughters (Grace 9 and Lilly 7) are now playing AMAZING netball. But their first season was a disaster.

Playing netball was supposed to be healthy and fun. Unfortunately the experience was exactly the opposite.

Like many other parents, I saw my girls struggle with learning netball. Game day was an unhappy day. My girls were not enjoying the game because they lacked the basic skills and confidence to play well.

On the netball court my girls were lost. The reality was much worse; they were unconfident, nervous and unsure of what was going on or what they were meant to do.

My wife and I didn’t want to flip from one sport to another, because its not the way to develop a young girls skills or passion. Netball was the right choice for our daughters because:

I knew that if my girls could learn netball basics, that they would play well, have fun, enjoy the game and their confidence would rise.

I started researching netball drills and training exercises for young girls. I combiled the simplest and best exercises. For about 10 minutes every day I have been practicing with both of my daughters. It’s fun and a great opportunity to spend quality time together.

RESULTS WERE AMAZING It was amazing how quickly their skills developed. Their confidence grew and their passion and motivation to play netball is now sky high.

Many other parents noticed the transformation in my daughters netball skills. Several people wanted to know “How did I do it?”

When I would explain the fun training drills that we did for 10 minutes each morning before school, and the simple incentives that made my daughters love to do the exercise, other parents insisted I should write it in a book. That’s how the “Netball Star” eBook and Bonuses was developed. IMPORTANT TRUTH In any endeavour (music, academic, sport) where a child is performing EXTREMELY WELL, I can guarnatee you, that child has a parent that is encouraging and helping them to succeed. If you want your daughter to get good at netball you need to get involved. The Netball Star system is easy to implement and only requires 5 to 10 minutes a few times a week. These are not complex drills, these are basics. When your daughter masters these skills her netball enjoyment and her performance is guaranteed to rise. THAT WINNING FEELING A netball team is made up of many players. Each player has a responsibility to the team. The Netball Star system is designed to improve each players individual skills. The stronger each of the players are, the stronger your team will be.

If you are coaching a team of girls between the ages of 6 to 10 years, then this system can help you improve each individual players skill level.

The greatest gift that a coach can provide is to build on each players basic abilities and talents, to provide them with a quality team experience, and ultimately to help the girls enjoy and develop a love of the game. You will need to identify each of your players weeknesses and help them at training. BUT the real key is to get the parent of that child involved. If you are already an experienced netball player, you probably don’t need my Netball Star system. These exercises do not include complex… Read more…

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