Beginners Boxing – boxing training program – boxing lessons – learn boxing

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Beginners Boxing - boxing training program - boxing lessons - learn boxingIf you want to get good at boxing in the shortest possible time… and become a feared fighter… then this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

My name is Joe ‘Bomber’ Barnes. And I’ve discovered how any boxer can instantly improve their boxing. For example, take Leroy.

Leroy had never fought anyone before. In fact, he’d never thrown a punch in anger. This all changed though.

You see Leroy was being bullied by a 250lb 6′ 4″ guy at work. This guy was making Leroy’s life hell. Trouble was Leroy didn’t know how to respond. He was only a small guy, weighing 169lbs and 5’10″ tall.

Yet Leroy was able to give the bully a severe battering. His punches were too fast. Yet, although he’d been in a fight, Leroy showed no signs of it. And, here’s the remarkable thing…

Leroy was a complete beginner at boxing. He’d never fought anyone before. So how come Leroy was able to knock out a more experienced fighter? A fighter who weighed 250lbs (80lbs heavier then him)? And a guy who was taller than him?

Leroy used a simple boxing training program. This program showed him how to easily evade your opponent’s biggest hits. And, how to land brutal punches which hurt opponents… even when they’re bigger, stronger and more experienced fighters than you.

In fact, when these techniques are so effective US soldiers and sailors went and grabbed this boxing training program when it was first released. That’s because they realized this program was far more effective than anything they were being taught.

But, what makes this boxing training program so special is it’s easy and quick for a beginner boxer to master as well. So, you can get good at boxing at home. And I’m going to prove this to you right now.

Start by having your feet square on the floor, about 12 -18 inches apart. Check to see if your toes are pointing straight forward. And that your arms are loosely hanging at your sides.

Now imagine there is a steel rod through the top of your head. And that this rod runs down the spine and into the floor. Now turn your upper torso on this rod. Don’t sway. And allow your arms to swing out loosely in the air.

Watch yourself carefully in the mirror to check you’re not swaying. Once you’re turning correctly, bring your arms up to the sides. Make sure your arms are bent at the elbows. And that your hands are open. Also look to see if your elbows are close to your sides.

Now as you turn reach out straight in front of you, keeping your elbows by your sides. And imagine somebody is going to drop a coin into your hand. Next clench your fist and continue this pumping movement. Make sure the force comes from the twist of your body. Continue this pumping motion as vigorously as you can. It’s a very powerful method of delivering a blow.

Congratulations, you’ve just mastered ‘The Hit’. And if you did nothing more than use The Hit you’d throw more powerful punches than you do now.

However, mastering The Hit is just the start of you becoming a feared fighter. There are many more boxing lessons you can add to your boxing skills… Read more…

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