Bow Hunting Secrets

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Bow Hunting SecretsEach year bowhunters spend lots of time and money on the latest brand of doe-in-heat urine, scent elimination sprays, deer calls, bait, treestands, broadheads, new arrows and getting their bows tuned up and ready to go, anything that will hopefully give them an edge at a shooter buck. Then in late summer they head out to the woods to do some scouting and setup a few stands.

As the sun comes up you’re reminded how much you love bowhunting, the smells, the sounds, it’s great to be back in a treestand again. You hear footsteps coming in the leaves and you’re sure it’s a deer coming. You turn very slowly to see it’s only another squirrel! You hope it’s just a matter of time before you see antlers. Then second guessing creeps in and you wonder if you should have sat in your other tree.

Hours turn into days, days into weeks and still no big bucks. You have been getting up early, carefully sneaking out to your hot spots, and sitting on stand for hours. It’s starting to wear on you. The harder you hunt the more you feel like it’s just not meant to be.

Meanwhile your friends and relatives have already shot a real nice buck and you are getting frustrated. So now you decide you’re going to shoot any buck you see no matter how big or small because firearm season is just around the corner and your chance at a buck with a bow will be lost again.

My name is Randy Vander Veen and I’m here to tell you there is a better way and it starts with understanding whitetail behavior. If you struggle to harvest mature bucks, or worse yet, not even see a mature buck and are envious of other hunters who always seem to get lucky, I know how you feel.

After all, deer live, eat, and sleep outdoors 24/7 – 365 days a year in an environment they know like the back of their hoof. And in the fall we hunters think we can go out and sneak around their habitat without them knowing what is going on. But mature deer know exactly what’s going on.

One of the biggest facts I didn’t understand is if I happened to alert a mature buck while hunting or going to or from my hunting spot, even if I didn’t know it, I most likely ruined that spot for the rest of the hunting season. I didn’t think deer were that smart or cautious. I learned the hard way for many hunting seasons. If I only knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have wasted 20 years of bowhunting the wrong way.

When my oldest daughter got to the age where she wanted to bowhunt with me, I really struggled at putting her within bow range of deer. I tried bait, mineral licks, deer scents, you name it. I didn’t want her to get discouraged and give up on bowhunting.

That’s when I decided to talk to experts in deer habitat, creating food plots, creating buck beds, creating doe bedding areas, post season scouting, locating primary scrape areas, how to hunt the different phases of the rut correctly, and overall deer management. I absorbed all the information I could get my hands on and over… Read more…

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