Magic Secrets Revealed

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Magic Secrets Revealed“How To Levitate Like David Blaine, Link Rubber Bands Like David Copperfield and Learn Every Sneaky Little Secret Of The Magic Tricks That Fool The Rest Of The World!”

If you have ever tried to discover the secrets behind the mind-blowing tricks of the professionals, then you will know just how hard it can be to get your hands on that type of information.

I mean its like a secret club and if you dont know the password, then too bad buddy, you wont be given access.

So if you have ever been curious about how those magic tricks were performed than this could be the most exciting message you will ever read

Because there is a book that is just hot off the press. Its called Magic Secrets Revealed and it exposes every last famous trick that has fooled audience after audience for generations.

These are the same tricks that are performed by some of the most successful magicians ever, such as David Blaine and the legendary David Copperfield.

In fact this book even goes one step further and actually teaches you how you can also perform these amazing tricks yourselfstarting as soon as TOMORROW.

Just a few days from now you are at a party. Everyone is watching you closely while you ask one of your skeptical friends to choose a card before putting it back in the pack.

Then suddenly, without warning you throw the pack into the air and everyone watches as all the cards land face down on the floorexcept for your friends card which is turned faced up. Everyone who was watching cant believe their eyes. They do not have a clue how you just did what you did.

Can you imagine having that kind of attention? Knowing the secret answers that baffle and amaze everyone else.

And thats not the only trick you know. At any time, without a minute’s notice you can steal the show and captivate the crowd anywhere. How good would it feel to have that kind of recognition.

Well just a few days from now you could be performing the same tricks that are used by the worlds greatest magicians.

How does that sound? Wouldnt it be awesome to have the power to amaze and impress anyone at will? With the information you easily learn in Magic Secrets Revealed

Well if thats the kind of life you have been looking for, then keep reading because it is all waiting for you

Normally you would find it very difficult to learn any of these tricks. After all, the secrets behind them are under constant lock and key, hidden from the public. Only other professional magicians know them and they are sworn to secrecy.

However this information is secret no more. My book Magic Secrets Revealed lifts the lid on the lot of them. Its like having a back stage pass to the biggest magic event ever.

If you have ever had the nagging desire to be able to impress someone then you are going to love this book. It will give you that precious opportunity to be seen as a master in a field. (I hope you can handle suddenly being treated like a V.I.P.)

Unlike other books on the market, which just explain random collections of tricks… Read more…

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