Surviving a Global Financial Crisis

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Surviving a Global Financial CrisisStock Market Wipeout… Bank Closures… Hyperinflation… Currency Collapse… Government Surveillance…

That’s because they want you to believe that everything is under control… your bank and all your savings safe and secure….

I am writing to you because I am convinced that the U.S. is now facing some of the most serious economic and political threats in its history.

While the U.S. military remains the most powerful force in the world, the most immediate threats America now faces are closer to home:

… an increasingly totalitarian government that believes in illegal surveillance of law-abiding citizens…

… older citizens no longer able to retire and live what used to be known as their “golden years.”

Fortunately, you DON’T have to just sit by and do nothing. There are simple, easy, inexpensive steps you can take right now to protect your family.

This manual is chock-full of proven strategies, techniques and information that can make all the difference in a financial emergency.

In fact, Surviving a Global Financial Crisis and Currency Collapse will actually make your life better even if, God willing, we sidestep some of the economic catastrophes that I fear are coming.

That’s because the steps you take now to prepare for some of these possible disasters will end up making you financially stronger… more independent… and more self-reliant than you are now.

You won’t find this privately printed dossier in stores. I’ve developed it exclusively for my extended family of readers, and packed it with practical, real-world strategies for coping with a financial catastrophe.

Plus, weekly breaking news updates and political commentary you won’t find in the mainstream media including…

Your personal information is as important to us as it is to you. We will never rent, sell or trade your personal information with anyone. You may opt-out of Liberty Alerts at anytime.

America’s biggest banks are running to the Federal government for emergency loans and bailouts. Hundreds of financial institutions have already gone belly up in the past two years. And hundreds more could fail in the months ahead.

Despite a $52.4 billion surplus in 2007, the FDIC’s fund is now over $7.4 billion in the hole. And at the current rate of bank failures, it could reach $100 billion in debt by 2013.

By the close of 2010, the FDIC had compiled a list of 884 problem banks. That means more than one out of every ten banks insured by the FDIC is in trouble.

So even though Washington wants you to believe everything is just fine … that the economy is well on the way to a full recovery … the truth is this problem isn’t about to fix itself anytime soon.

Some of these banks will survive. But many won’t. Experts like Zacks Investment Research predict hundreds of banks will fail in the coming years—brought down by wave after wave of commercial loan losses.

Because when your bank fails, you don’t get a courtesy call or notice in the mail. The Feds close it down without advance notice. It’s policy. You show up at the bank to make a withdrawal and the doors are locked shut.

There is usually a notice on the door instructing depositors how they can gain access to their money.

That’s what happened to depositors at Colorado National Bank in March 2009. The bank issued a notice telling… Read more…

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