How To Build A Tree House

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How To Build A Tree HouseI have been making tree houses since I was very small. My dad loved to help me, and he created some life long memories that I will cherish forever.

Buying a ready-built tree house doesn’t have the same effect.. and it costs a heck of a lot more too.

You see, every time I played in the tree house, I would tell my friends that me and my dad built it from scratch.

They would drop their jaws and tell me how cool my dad was… some said their dads wouldn’t even give them 10 minutes with a football or baseball.

… because these days, so many people think good parenting simply means buying them the latest computer games, or a TV for their room.

Many of these kids who go off the rails are also the ones with a poor relationship with their parents.

You get a bit more peace and quiet around the house when your kids are tucked away in the tree house all summer!

I will be totally honest with you, the first few tree houses we tried to build actually ended up as a collapsed pile of wood in the back yard.

Then there were some emergency tree operations where my dad had to saw branches off, just so we could get my younger brother out before bedtime.

It’s funny looking back, but at the time our “slapdash” tree houses could have caused many arguments, cuts and injuries and caused us to get stuck or fall from a height and seriously risk our lives.

But my dad was smart and very protective. That’s why he stepped in and showed us how to build a tree house that would stand the test of time and keep us warm, dry and safe in any season.

I went on to build many in the years that followed, and some were more tree castles than houses. Fast forward many years and I now have children of my own, and when they wanted a tree house it was my time to shine.

Each project is different. Sometimes you’ll need to work out whether the tree house needs ground support, or if it will be stable on a certain type of tree, or which materials to use for different styles and sizes…

That’s why many people visit this website for the detailed treehouse plans I have available for you today.

You see, the sheer pleasure I get from building tree houses both as a child and parent has made me want to share that with other proud parents like yourself.

And when I remembered how improper instruction nearly resulted in my brother getting seriously injured, I knew that my treehouse plans would surely help other parents like you.

You’re about to get everything you need all in one easy resource… from the type of house to build, through to the tools and assembly.

Seriously, I’ve got it all covered so you can avoid the boring research and finally get started in that fun project to make your kids – and yourself – proud and happy.

The foundation and posts keep the tree house functional and safe, and the rest of the structure is where you can really turn the tree house into an amazing looking den for your kids.

When you get these… Read more…

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