Alternative Cancer Treatments

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Alternative Cancer TreatmentsIf you are overwhelmed and confused with the multitude of available cancer treatments here is the one research report you need to read

I know you’re busy. I know you have too much to read. Yet, that’s exactly why you should study every single word of this web page.

I think you’ll agree that information is critical to survival. If you or a loved one has cancer, this may be the luckiest day of your life!

I have assembled all the critical information you need to learn right now in one place. Only the most successful and totally safe remedies made it into this ebook:

Ultimate Cancer Breakthroughs™ The ONLY Guide To Alternative Cancer Treatments You’ll Ever Need!

I’m absolutely sure that you will find the treatment that cures your cancer in this book. Here is an overview of what is included:

This treatment is a new breakthrough in cancer therapy: A biological “Cancer Seeking Missle”. This non-toxic and very effective treatment lasts for one to three months. It has virtually no side effects and has been successfully tested even with late stage patients.

The molecule of this substance is 33,000 times smaller than normal cells, enabling it’s penetration directly into the cancer cell itself inside of the tumor invoking “cancer cell death”.

In virtually every case, marked destruction of the tumor’s feeding system could be observed in less than 30 minutes.

This secret anti-cancer drink from China contains natures strongest protease inhibitors. They “attack” cancer genes and enzymes known as proteases that promote cancer.

A powerful therapeutic tool, to be always seriously considered when a choice is being made among medications for treatment strategy. See page 12

This herbal treatment which contains special anti-cancer agents was kept private for over 80 years! Based on patient records, an estimated 80% of patients who use this formula benefit substantially.

This treatment is the result of 18 years of research. It is a new generation of immuno-modulators that are capable of controlling and reversing cancer when used in combination with other methods.

This treatment is an important tool in an anti-cancer protocol. All reputable international private cancer clinics in the world use it. There are no adverse effects or toxicity. This method has saved many lives. It is widely used in Europe but an “underground” treatment in the United States.

It can be taken at home, with minimal guidance, as long as the whole protocol is supervised by a qualified doctor.

It is a non-toxic natural product without any harmful side effects. It attaches itself to tumor cells and prevents them from metastasis.

This treatment is very effective not only in destroying or reducing tumor mass, but also undermining the cancer cell’s ability to survive, resist immune assault and obtain adequate nourishment.

This results in continued and rapid starvation of the tumor cells while there is no adverse effect on normal tissue.

There is only one clinic in the world, located in Mexcio, that offers this treatment. Therefore it is not cheap but many American health insurance companies are willing to reimburse partially or fully the cost.

This treatment is as powerful as the strongest chemotherapeutic substances used by standard Allopathic medicine, with one enormous difference: it is entirely non-toxic.

It has shown 100% growth inhibition when tested against 100 different cancer cell lines. It is highly toxic to cancer… Read more…

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