Your martial arts business success plan, Small Dojo Big Profits

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Your martial arts business success plan, Small Dojo Big ProfitsOnce you read this step-by-step martial arts business success plan and learn the *right* method of opening a martial art school, you may never have to do any of that again.

“I’ve been teaching Martial Arts as a full time career for over 24 years. I have seen the industry fluctuate in many different directions over the years and I have seen countless schools come and go. I think my experience in the martial arts might be beneficial to others looking to teach martial arts.

I ran a school for my former instructor until very recently and now have a school of my own in Moreno Valley, Ca. We opened our doors in June of ’07 and are doing very well and are way ahead of where we planned to be by this point.

The insights you shared in your “small dojo” support material helped my transition from instructor/employee to owner/operator. I thank you.”

No prior business experience is required – all you need to do is follow the directions in the manual. And, using my methods you won’t need a big commitment of time or money to get started.

For years, I’ve been teaching martial artists how to start and run highly successful martial arts schools – using business methods that fly in the face of the standard industry advice.

So, why haven’t you heard of me? I can guarantee, you won’t see my face on the cover of any industry magazines, and for good reason…

Because the methods I teach are designed to help you keep more money in your pocket, and out of the hands of those “business experts” who’d like nothing more than to line their own pockets with your hard-earned cash!

The “Small Dojo, Big Profits” martial arts business plan manual was favorably reviewed in the number one source for reliable information in our industry… Black Belt Magazine:

“Small Dojo, Big Profits offers sage advice for people who wish to operate a successful martial arts studio…If you run a dojo or are thinking about starting one, this guide could be the key to your success.”

In addition, every week I receive letters and emails from martial arts instructors praising the “Small Dojo, Big Profits” manual – here are a few examples:

Jim McCann 2004 Grapplers Quest Gold Medalist Certified Head Coach under Mark Hatmaker

Hi. I had a school in NC with over 200 students. I worked my butt off to keep it going. I finally got smart and downsized and raised my prices. I sold my school a few years ago and moved here to Florida last year. I just opened a new school in a gym on May 1st.

I really like your book. It is exactly in line with what I am doing. Some things I have heard before and some I really needed to hear again. Good job.

I have a group of about 5 guys that I am working with. I send them emails from time to time, giving them ideas on their school. One of them is Super Dan Anderson – former World point Champion. He is a great instructor. Anyway, I am going to send all of them an email tonight and tell them to buy your book.

“Dear Mike – My husband and I purchased your… Read more…

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