Win with Persuasion Skills – Persuasion Techniques to get what you want

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Win with Persuasion Skills - Persuasion Techniques to get what you want“What if YOU could Unlock the Secret to getting people to do your bidding and then thank you for the opportunity?”

Warning: Only use these persuasive techniques in an ethical way as they are extremely powerful and can cause people to do what you want regardless of their own best interests.

When I downloaded the course I wasn’t expecting results the same day. I had a quick listen to the recording about voice and tone as the first thing I looked at.

Later the same day I was delivering a course and found myself using my voice differently and most importantly embedding commands into my language. By the end of the day I had the group just eating out of my hand and doing everything I asked of them.

This was before I got properly stuck into your material. I would not have believed the results I now routinely get in my classes.

As a life long persuasion skills student I would like to share with you some of the most powerful and simple to use persuasion patterns you will ever come across.

Before I offer you some of the most closely guarded secrets of persuasion experts let me give you some idea of how quickly you can build your peruasion potential.

I only managed the first couple of lessons by friday but the first pattern was completely new to me and I’ve gone through a lot of persuasion material before.

I started using the pattern in my calls on friday afternoon and I closed more deals in that one afternoon than I would usually in 3 days, and fridays are usually a slow day.

It’s great how you use examples and illustrations as well as sneaking all the patterns into your writing. Everyone would do better to understand persuasion skills this way, but I am glad they don’t or I’d be out of a job ;)

As we start to explore this incredible world of persuasion today, I want to let you know that I am very excited about sharing knowledge that dramatically transforms lives. I don’t know which of these ideas will grab you the most but as that happens let us look at a key exercises to develop your persuasion ability.

To become a master persuasion engineer you must first understand what you want and what it means to you. Just take an area of your life you would like to improve. Spend a few moments thinking about how you would like it to be, what you would get from it and how other people can help or support you getting this result. Now imagine having the persuasion skills to be able to get that help and support. Then imagine other areas of your life, perhaps achieving things like gaining a huge promotion, doubling the size of your business, finding your ideal partner or going on your dream holiday and imagine the multitude of people in the world ready, willing and waiting to help you achieve your ambitions.

… Or maybe you would just use these skills to make more money, have more fun and attract more interesting people into your life….

If you are interested in achieving even just one of these things then this is the most important letter you will read because I have spent half my… Read more…

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