When Banks Go Bad

Introduction by ebook's author:

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When Banks Go BadI’m tipping the bucket on one of the big 4 Banks, exposing secrets of the banking industry with actual cases and copies of actual documents.

For the first time you will get access to actual cases where Banks have been operating outside the law and I’ve backed it up with documents they don’t want you to read.

One of the worst things is that when senior executives make decisions, it’s the staff at branches and on the phone that cop it. They are suffering from these policies and decisions just as much as the customers – so be nice to them, they are no different to the rest of us. In fact many of them are just as angry and outraged as you are.

This is the book that every Australian should read. There is only one way to get your money back and that’s get educated about how they have been taking YOUR money. Once you understand the secret ways your account has been drained we show you how to claim it back. Did you know in the UK hundreds of Millions of Pounds have been handed back to Customers and its quietly going on here as well.

Some companies will charge you hundreds of dollars to write to the banks and chase refunds for you. We show you how to claim your refund and even give you the letters to send to your bank. Just fill in the blanks and send them off.

This book is so controversial that it can not be published in Australia. Publishers told us “the banks will hold this book up in court for years if we try to sell it in a bookshop”

In fact I know of two people who have tried to write a book about this and they just couldn’t get a publisher to handle it.

I knew this story had to be told so there had to be another way to tell people what has been going on and to help ordinary everyday Australian’s get their money back.

To stop them stopping us, this book can only be bought on the web and it’s delivered as an E Book. We will send each chapter of the book ( 10 in total ) to you separately as they are released

We release 10 Chapters, 1 each week for 10 weeks. For the banks, it’s 10 Weeks of hell. You see, they don’t know what we are going to spill the beans on until it’s released.

And if you purchase after the release date we immediately send you all the released chapters so you can catch up.

The other thing is, I can give you updates along the way and make sure you have the latest information to help you get your money back.

You are not just getting a book for your money, the book is only a small part of what we give you. As a member of The Fair Finance Action Group you are getting 6 issues of our success breakthrough newsletter. I’m also throwing in the complete e book of the classic ” Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill the number one wealth creation book. Published in 1937 after the great depression this has been a number one business seller for decades and its lessons are even more relevant today. Read more…

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