Trying To Write A Successful Fundraising Or Donation Letter?

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Trying To Write A Successful Fundraising Or Donation Letter?Fundraising for worthy projects can be arduous and time consuming. It is heartbreaking to see the amount of effort that goes into fundraising for deeply worthwhile projects or causes, without decent results. No-one benefits.

In all the years of helping people or organizations, the most effective and efficient way I have found is the Fundraising or Donation Letter.

When I first came across this method I was trying to raise $7000 in 7 weeks for a non-profit project in South America, and ended up raising $8300 in 2 weeks, with just one fundraising letter.

Some crucial advice came my way just before I sent the letter out, which changed my whole attitude, and I believe, the results I got.

After years of using my donation letter template and guiding others, always with fantastic results (see testimonials below), I have distilled the key ingredients into the form of an eBook and a Workbook that I’d love to share with you.

You see, a few years ago I was given an amazing opportunity. A a qualified Natural Health Practitioner, I was invited to help teach a course in herbal medicine at the Temuco Catholic University in Chile, South America. This was to help support the validation of scientific and indigenous herbal medicine.

The problem was… they didn’t have the money to pay for me to come! So, I needed to raise about $7000 in 7 weeks, which was definitely daunting at the time.

Although I had helped with lots of fundraising stalls and events before, I had never needed to raise so much so quickly. Luckily I’d just met Cathy Burke, a fundraising expert for The Hunger Project, and she let me in on a major secret or two (which I share with you in my book), which made all the difference to my strategy and to my mindset.

I raised $8300 from 1 donation letter. (I give you this exact letter to use as a template in my ebook “Fundraising Letter Secrets.”)

The work I did in South America has changed not only my life, but those I worked with there, and the ripple effects fo on and on. What a fantastic thing!

NOTE: The results I got, and have helped others get, are not typical for people who try to use donation or fundraising letters to help their cause…

Toola Andrianopoulos, an Australian, who had worked for 5 years previously in East Timor, was phoned when the country was basically in civil war in 2006. She was asked if she could come immediately to assist the first lady Kirsty Sword-Gusmao and the Alola Foundation, in helping some of the 65,000 refugees from the conflict.

She had only days to get ready, and no funds to pay for the flights, living expenses or the specific requests for supplies.

Using my fundraising letter as a template, she was able have a high quality letter specific to her cause ready and sent out within a day or so.

NOTE: Even though this process can happen quickly, what I share is NOT a ‘quick fix’ method.

It is simply a straight forward way of communicating clearly and creating a genuine Fundraising or Donation Letter …

I have realised just how useful the experience and information I have is, and how important it is to share it in an accessible way so that I… Read more…

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