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Trend Following System with Formations - ForexInstitute.euIf so, listen carefully: beginners have a lot of difficulties to reach the level of consistent profits. One of the main reasons is that it’s really hard to find well-described systems.

Forex is a visual art. You should be able to see and correctly interpret most profitable formations and know how to safely “enter” a winning move.

There are many books and training systems that on five – six examples show the entry and exit, and… that’s it! These books are totally worthless and only expose beginners to losses and risk!

In others books, on the more than 150 pages, about the system you have… under 20 pages… The rest is about the history of stock exchange and capital markets, Dow’s economic cycles and their influence on the strength of economies and the relations between currencies. Long, boring and completely not about the system!

Book contains over 240 pages only about the system, without droning about Dow’s cycles and stock market history. From the beginning to the end – everything about the system and using it, supported by many real examples from the market!

Using it you’ll very quickly understand how to trade on FOREX and how to achieve consistent profits!

Our team took a very successful system that was used by an excellent trader. The system with hundreds of positive opinions. Then we prepared its updated version: special version for beginning FX traders.

The Manual “TFSWF ver.2.0″ contains over 380 carefully described illustrations, so you quickly begin to see the most profitable price patterns!

The Manual contains 147 illustrations, including 19 examples of entries – containing 38 screenshots, so that you won’t have ANY doubt about how and where to enter a position!

COMFORT: The system provides only entries through pending orders, which saves time and trader’s nerves: just set the order in a good moment and then … shut down your computer!

SAFETY: The system provides protection against “order hunting” and too early entries to the market – a very common cause of loss. This is one of the dark secrets of the Forex – major institutions hunt on orders and cause many false moves and hardly any system is protected against this. But the system “TFSWF ver.2.0″ is!

The system captures “the safest” part of the movement, so that the number of profitable orders ranges above 70 in the case of even a small experience in the game.

CLARITY: System “TFSWF ver.2.0″ provides clear signals of the entry, clear signals of the exit – carefully described and illustrated for each of profitable formation – a total of dozens of examples.

System “TFSWF ver.2.0″ gives also the advanced management of the open position, which leads to the safe and systematic capital growth in your account.

MONEY MANAGEMENT: Principles of money management prepared for beginners – for fast system learning phase. Thanks to this you’ll quickly get to the level of consistent profits.

VERSATILITY: The system works not only on all currency pairs, but also on resources and indexes – wherever you can speculate on short and long positions!

BEST MOVES EVERY DAY: The system contains 3SMA filter, which selects the best market situations of all pairs and all Time Frames.

FOR BEGINNERS: If you’re new on the market – this system will help you quickly reach the level of consistent profits from FOREX! Read more…

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