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TRC TrainingNot everyone wants you to know this simple fact: You harness a true “Power Genius” inside of You! All it takes is just the right environmental influence and that key stroke of inspiration like Aladdin’s Lamp and POOF. You have the power to transform your life, health and wealth in a matter of weeks if you learn Consulting NOW!

Starting your own consulting business from scratch might seem like a daunting proposition. Many “experts” will tell you to spend hundreds or even thousands on lawyers, designers, and marketing expertise before you even approach your first customer. I strongly disagree. Many “start-up” expenses can be eliminated or at least deferred until after you are really making money.

I will show you how to launch a professional consulting practice on a shoestring budget in a matter of days and I’m so confident about it I’ll even put my guarantee where my mouth is!

I’ve been in the business of buying and selling consulting services for more than 20 years. I’ve been an employee of a major consulting firm, I’ve hired and fired subcontractors, I’ve written countless proposals, and I know the dirty little secrets of the consulting business. But perhaps more important is this:

If I lost everything and had to start over again tomorrow, I’d have my consulting practice established and be out talking to customers in a few days. I’d have money rolling in before others would even be ready to talk to their first prospect.

Stop and think about that for a minute, because it’s really important. I’ve watched many new consultants take weeks or even months to be “up and running”. I’ve seen them agonize over details that simply aren’t important. They start their business by going into debt and a few months down the road they have a “business” with no revenue. Then they panic and start applying for any job they can find because they are in worse financial shape than when they started. There is a better way!

Like many consultants, I got started out of necessity. I was laid off from my full-time job and I needed to keep paying my bills. Fortunately, I ignored most of the “professionals” who offered me advice. They suggested that I begin by finding an accountant, have a lawyer do the paperwork, and pay a graphic designer for a “killer logo” on my new business cards. It didn’t make sense then, and it doesn’t make sense now. Consulting is one of the few businesses on this planet that requires very little start-up capital. Why throw away that tremendous advantage by spending thousands of dollars before generating a single dollar of revenue?

The other major stumbling block for many consultants is that they simply don’t understand the business they are in. Let me explain…

There is more to consulting than being an expert in your field. In fact, many consultants are not experts, but they do understand the simple principles that makes a consulting business work. They understand how to seamlessly approach clients, contract, subcontract, write proposals, and close deals. And when they do get work, they know how to go about doing it in a professional manner, facilitating repeat business and referrals. This will all be revealed in Consulting NOW! Read more…

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