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Introduction by ebook's author:

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Traders-Live - The Traders Mindset - Traders LiveLet me tell you exactly why. But before I do that, make sure you enter your name and email in the box, to make sure you get my FREE video series. If you are like most of us, you cannot afford not to watch them

…There is no darn secret…the secret is … much like in the movie…better understanding human behaviour.

If you understand human behaviour, you will understand not only how you work, but also how the markets work, why you make the decisions/mistakes you always keep making, and more importantly – why the markets move the way they do!

There is no such thing as price movement! The price never moves – ever! Human behaviour moves the price – it simply doesn’t move itself…so how do you learn how to interpret the charts, and understand price movement better? You simply learn how to interpret human behaviour patterns better…and that, I can help you with.

Well if you really want the full version, then after you watched the video overview below, read the full story below that. Otherwise if you simple want to cut straight to the solution then go ahead and purchase The Traders Mindset right now and take control of your trading results today!!!

Order via ClickBank’s secure payment servers via either card or Paypal. Instant access even if its 2 am!

“Here’s the PROOF that you can have the HOLY GRAIL of trading systems, and still probably fail miserably…”

In 2007, two hundred and ninety three selected Forex traders entered my “black ops” Forex training program. The recruits received specialized intensive training in technical analysis, highly profitable trading systems, trading money management and “ninja” trading tactical techniques. They had every tool at their disposal to literally outperform 99% of top traders. There was no reason for any single trader not to make extreme profits on their money. I’m talking 100%…500%…even 2000% returns.

Twelve months into their Forex training ops, I subjected all 293 traders to an intensive de-briefing – a probing reveal into their results. I looked at their triumphs and failures. I looked at their trade logs. I asked about their mental and psychological well-being. Above all, I looked at their trading account balances.

My “recruits” had received the most intensive training I had ever programmed. They were drilled daily on the skills of market-beating methods and systems. They had been arranged in support “platoons” to ensure they got the full benefit of group learning. They were placed into the line of fire together with me, and walked through countless live trades and market conditions.

Learning to beat the Forex market is just like the reality of training for battle. There is a gruelling process of skills training, drills, discipline and “battle hardening” which has to take place. Soldiers are mentally prepared for tough fighting conditions. Without their mental training they would quickly fail

Not a single Forex trader survives the brutalities of the market place without intensive mind training, and the ability to master their own thoughts…psychology….emotions….call it what you want.

What I’m talking about is the single biggest reason why traders fail. Look at the figures from my black ops training program one more time: After only 12 months and out of 293 recruits: Read more…

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