Tilapia Farming Guide

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Tilapia Farming GuideEqually Shocking is What is Happening to the Seafood Industry in Terms of Prices and Opportunities as a result..

“ATTENTION: You are about to be exposed to a genuine multi billion dollar business idea that has probably never crossed most people’s minds…”:

The Tilapia Business Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Business and Is a Business where literally anyone can make a six figure income…and you don’t need a University Degree to do it.

The Tilapia Industry is a $5 BILLION Dollar Global Industry and a large chunk of the demand for the product lies right in the United States.

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to find out the exact steps that you can take to set up your own highly profitable Tilapia farm then I suggest you read every word of this letter…

My name is JT, Author of the highly acclaimed Shrimp Farming Guide, and I’m back to let you know about another great opportunity in the seafood industry… Owning your own cash generating Tilapia farm…

Now if you’re not convinced about the profitability of this business, please allow me to give you some additional facts to chew on:

● U.S. Annual Tilapia consumption has surged from under 100,000 lbs in 2000 to nearly 500,000 pounds in 2010, making it the most popular farmed fish in the United States. ● Tilapia is the 5th most highly purchased seafood in the country and demand is growing rapidly. ● Tilapia can be farm raised. ● Tilapia is one of the most cost effective fish to raise because they can be raised in high density (lots of fish in a small space) and fed cheaply…

With those facts considered, you don’t need to be a “rocket scientist” to see the enormous potential in creating your own Tilapia farm…

Well…for starters I’m not just some marketer in a plush office who saw an opportunity on CNN and decided to write a book. That’s not the case at all. In fact, for generations my family have made their living in the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico. Below is a picture of the actual oil platform that my grandfather worked on in the 1950′s, as my dad grew up on Grand Isle, La.

Today I still live and work on the Gulf Coast myself… This enabled me to witness, first hand the horrible results of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in early 2010…

The Gulf of Mexico was a major source area for the seafood industry in the United States… Supplying 72% of the U.S. harvested shrimp…

Thousands of local fisherman found their business completely crippled…Times were tough… And our local coastal economy was devastated…

The tough times that were experienced after the disaster inspired me to put together my previous ebook, the Shrimp Farming Guide… A guide that I personally felt would help to boost the seafood industry in the U.S…

The industry is genuinely close to my heart… I’d love nothing more than to see our dented economy flourish as time progresses… And if my book could help people create profitable businesses and boost the seafood industry, that would be even better…

While writing about the Shrimp Farming business I also learned a great deal about another fish that could be farmed here in the U.S (and world-wide)… Tilapia… Read more…

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