The Secret To 3 Figures A Day & More

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The Secret To 3 Figures A Day & MoreI personally want it to slow down so I can catch my breath, reflect on what happened in the past and make this my best year ever.

Because of this level of clarity I believe that I have set myself up for success. I do not have any scientific data to back this up but my gut instinct tells me that I am ahead of most marketers that plan to make a full time living online this year.

Most never plan and set themselves up to make no money or worse, set themselves up to react to everything around them and when the year zooms by have nothing to show for it.

I have been there myself when first getting started. Fortunately for me I am fast learner and can make the changes required for success

This is not a marketing calendar or business plan. This step for me is a very specific tangible activity that is designed to give me a clear outcome for the year.

I have this whiteboard hanging on my wall. On it I have the 12 months of the year. For each month I have very specific physical products that I will promote for the upcoming year.

For example in January I have already started promoting Valentines Day gifts. Actually I started in November of 2010.

At the end of January I have “mothers day” on my calendar. I have flowers, gift bags, jewelry, etc on my list of promotional items in January

Around April/May the season kicks off with weddings. And there is one huge event happening on the other side of the pond this year that is going to drive the sales of wedding items through the roof. Hint…Think of a Royal Wedding.

And every month I have a list of products from cameras, TV’s toys, etc that I will promote. I have very specific makes and model numbers of items.

This calendar keeps me on track. I am slightly ahead of the game. This keeps me focused and gives me a mental checklist of items that is going to earn me money this year.

If you are struggling to figure out what physical products to sell and how to build out your calendar this year get yourself a copy of consumer magazine.

In their Janaury 2011 edition they laid out all the top selling items that are hot in each month of the year.

This is a fantastic list of hot products to kick off your Amazon affiliate marketing business. Armed with just this piece of information you have already set yourself up for success.

If I had the option of getting up every single day and figuring out what to promote I probably would get nothing done. Left to my own devices, I will be busy and not productive.

8:00-8:30 Research for new products 8:30-9:00 Write product review 9:00 9:15 Submit reviews to blog team to upload with pictures. Notify SEO team to build links and promote lens 9:15-:10:00 Review previous days affiliate earnings, review results. Find topics to send to writers to write more product reviews

I do this because I know what needs to get done. I have very few unplanned hours. And as result of creating productive time slots and scheduling them with specific activities, I am productive during the day. Read more…

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