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The Make Money from Home Lions Club -Hello and welcome! I went from losing my job at the beginning of the economic crash in 2008 to having a full passive-income online business in less than two years. I have since then focused my efforts on teaching entrepreneurship to others by founding the Make Money from Home LIONS CLUB. You can either scroll through the right to see the different products I’ve created or you can read about my journey by clicking the orange button.

If you want to learn how to make money online, there is one plain and simple truth: you must learn how to make a website. In this video series I will teach you how to make a website from beginning to end, from buying a domain and connecting it with a hosting account, to building and modifying it in any way you want. If you want a simple, elegant business website or a professional blog hosted on your own URL, you will no longer have to depend on a web developer to make it for you!

This video series is about the foundation concepts of how all money is made online. Here you will learn how to do keyword research, how to generate organic traffic through search engine optimization, and how to monetize a website for passive income. The lessons here will help you with any and all other online endeavors. The series also includes an action plan lesson to get you making a solid passive side income within six months.

A downloadable product that you sell is a beautiful thing. Why? Because the entire process is automated and the product doesn’t cost you a dime! In this video series, I will show you how to do keyword research to pick product ideas that sell. Once you have your product ideas, I show you the entire process of making the product (ebook or video), all the way to setting up the sales, payment, and download pages of a website. This video series is the blueprint on how I made this video series and sales website!

If you thought selling downloadable products was cool, wait until you start a membership website! Membership websites are websites where you provide a service for the members, and in exchange they pay you a monthly fee! The best part is, the service you provide can be something that is completely automated. And trust me, those membership fees start adding up into some pretty big numbers once your website starts getting some regular traffic!

If you read the “about me” section, you learned that ticket brokering was the method that first got me started on my path to entrepreneurship. You can make great money for very few hours of work per week using the strategies described in this ebook. I learned a lot of great lessons related to online entrepreneurship while doing ticket brokering and it was the start to the life I have today. It’s just another great tool in your toolbox to give you another method of making money from home!

There are a million quotes that allude to this idea, but this one is the most blunt and direct (which is why I like it). Being rich isn’t about money, it’s about having the time to do the things you love without being concerned about money. The… Read more…

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