The Lotto Black Book! Secrets Exposed…

Introduction by ebook's author:

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The Lotto Black Book! Secrets Exposed...“Can You Still Win the Lottery?” -by Larry Blair: math professor & lottery winning system developer

Note: Every sentence of this letter is backed up by verifiable proof. All the images, testimonials, articles and quotes are REAL and they can be verified at any time.

Dear lottery friend, My name is Larry, I’m a math professor and an addicted lottery player. You might have heard about me over the last two years as I’ve been the main subject or creator of a phenomena that carries so much histery, joy, happiness and intrigue…all at the same time.

Two years ago I released my secret system with the purpose of demonstrating to the “average Joe lottery player” how to make a difference in his game.

I had no idea if I could accomplish this with all the people who applied my system, but I know for certain that I DID make a few hundreds of people happy. Here are their “thank you” messages exactly as I received them:

I could go on and on with “thank you” letters but I assume that you get the point. Normal people from all over the world have managed to make a difference in their game, have won some money and changed their life not necessarly because of the money they won…but because of the HOPE of winning the jackpot some day.

I cannot say that I’ve pleased everybody who tried my system. That would be a lie and you know it. There’s no product or system in the world that can please every person. People are different and the perception is both different and unique…

Therefore, there were a few individuals who have told me that they couldn’t follow my system. I don’t want to throw bad words out there but maybe they didn’t persevere enough. Nothing comes easy these days…although I trully believe that my system is easy to follow even by the “average Joe player”. Take a look at this player:

I wish I’d have skipped this part…but you have the right to know the naked truth. I don’t like talking about me because people would believe I’m over bragging or talking non sense. All I can say is that I’m a math professor, I’m 44 years old, I have a beautiful family and I’m an addicted lottery player.

You also need to know that I played relentlessly for 18 years before developing the system that now has taken the internet by storm.

Is my system a threat for lotteries? …I don’t want to answer this question becaue people will say that I’m just praising my system and being biased. I prefer to provide you the opportunity to discover and judge this by yourself. This is the fair way…

There are also a lot of stories about me that I want to bury or just let other people think what they want. I promised myself and to my wife that I wouldn’t reveal any more personal info about my past. This letter is about you and how you can make a real difference in your game…win some money (why not the JACKPOT???) …and help you and your family.

Also, I don’t want you to believe that I’m a scammer, con, or thief…or that I do anything ilegal when it comes… Read more…

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