The Lazy Man’s Guide to Online Business

Introduction by ebook's author:

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The Lazy Man's Guide to Online BusinessTurbo-charge your business using specific, detailed strategies, principles, ideas, and advice you won’t find anywhere else…

Reclaim your life by discovering a “gold mine” of proven techniques that allow you to do business online easier, faster, better and cheaper!

And “Super Lazy Achievers” know how to do the minimum amount of work to produce MAXIMUM results!

They know the “tricks” of how to get ahead without working hard… and certainly without working as hard as everybody else who stumbles around like a herd of confused cattle.

You can learn to do the exact same things they do – and produce the same incredible results in your life too!

This book should be called ‘Secrets of Lazy Achievers’ and everyone online should have it now!”

Joe Vitale Author, “How You Can Make $5,000 – $15,000 Each Time You Teach Your Very Own E-mail Only E-Classes!”

Then the “The Lazy Mans Guide to Online Business” just might be the most important ebook you ever read.

Well teach you the exact tips, tricks, techniques and — most importantly — the correct mindset to improve and grow your own “Lazy Man’s” dream business – no matter what type of online business you currently (or want to) operate!

I used to be totally stressed out, barely getting by while other people took credit for my work. I lived in constant fear of getting fired or laid off — not because of anything I did — but because of someone elses decisions about where the business should go, their egos getting bruised or because of “the economy”.

In 1997 I launched my first ebook online. It made a quite a few bucks, but it could have made much more if Id known what I was doing.

I wish someone had taken me by the hand and taught me the “mindset” for online success… if someone had just given me a few simple techniques, I would have succeeded much faster.

I am not one of those overnight success stories, but over the years Ive learned a lot and my online business has grown dramatically.

The money and freedom are incredible just one of my businesses grossed over $42,369 in sales in 4 1/2 months (How to Write and Publish Your own Ebook in as little as 7 Days). Another grossed over $82,421 in a little over 3 1/2 months (33 Days to Online Profits).

< — Side Note—> Am I promising the same thing will happen to you… that you’ll create a six-figure income? No, of course not. No sane person can promise you that. Why? Frankly because I have no idea if you’ll get up off the couch and do anything or not! (But that’s true of anything, isn’t it?) <— End Side Note —>

But even better than making money, the hours I work have reduced dramatically all because I discovered the simple principles that create, build and grow your “killer” online business… no matter what type of online business you operate.

I now earn a very significant income working about 8 hours a day out of the house my wife and I just bought. I also write a syndicated newspaper column about the Internet that appears in several papers and offline publications each week. I recently took a trip to Las Vegas, another to the Bahamas, and my wife and I are getting ready to go to… Read more…

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