The Complete Guide to Buying Debt

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The Complete Guide to Buying DebtIncludes everything you need to know to be a successful Debt Buyer from purchase to collection, where you can start making money and most important create a passive income stream for you and your family. Describes step by step the process from start to finish that can be done by you or your spouse to create extra income. ON A PORTFOLIO PURCHASE AT 3% YOU CAN OWN A $1,000.00 PRINCIPAL BALANCE ACCOUNT FOR JUST $30.00. I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP! IT IS POSSIBLE TO BUY DEBT FOR $.03 ON THE $1.00!

Buyer Beware! A Debt Seller would like nothing better than to offload essentially bad debt. The Guide to Buying Debt will arm you with the information you need to do the Due Diligence required for debt purchase. The Due Diligence required for purchase, if the right questions are asked and researched, can make a huge difference in the bottom line profits contemplated. Suggested Debt Sellers, coupled with Due Diligence review of the accounts, will put you on the fast track for debt buying success. The Complete Guide To Buying Debt will put you on a level playing field with debt sellers…..

Before you pull the trigger, look before you leap! You have to do your homework. The Complete Guide to Buying Debt provides the data required to do a Cost Analysis. Notably, what are the income projections when you make a debt purchase. It provides the recovery percentages for a debt purchase along with all costs you must consider, from court costs (filing fees and service of process), stamps, people search to name a few. At the end of your analysis you will have a very good idea as to your return on investment. You will basically have the contents for a business plan and can then make an informed, well thought out decision. Just the recovery percentage data alone is worth the cost of purchasing The Complete Guide To Buying Debt…..

Most important….the Guide will explain The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It will walk you through the steps, starting with timely notifying the debtor by letter that you now own the debt. The Complete Guide to Buying Debt provides a sample initial notification letter and what you can expect once the debtor receives the letter. You will be ready to negotiate and settle your accounts. You can start making money…..

Small Claims, the People’s Court. In most States, you can represent yourself and in most jurisdictions a non-lawyer can represent a corporation or LLC in Small Claims Court. Do not be intimidated by the Court House. The Small Claims Court is going to actually help you make money. It is the vehicle that flushes out payment. The Complete Guide to Buying Debt will walk you through the process step by step. You will quickly find out and ask yourself, why didn’t I think of this sooner. Learn what happens at Pre-Trial…..

The Complete Guide to Buying Debt provides useful information and suggestions as to tracking accounts. Provides helpful debt accounting information along with Frequently Asked Questions. It does not take the place of your accountant. This Guide is unique as it provides the in-depth hands on knowledge required for Making Money, Buying Debt…..

I want you to order this with all my heart.There are two reasons and I’ll shoot you… Read more…

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