The Art Of Forex Portfolio – Forex Strategy – Forex Strategists – Forex Robots

Introduction by ebook's author:

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The Art Of Forex Portfolio - Forex Strategy - Forex Strategists - Forex RobotsWant to know what Forex Portfolio means to you? Watch this illuminating video we have prepared for you:

Dear Friend, Tell me something, Do you honestly feel, deep in your gut, that you are making the maximum amount of profit with your Forex trading strategy and techniques? Are you really living the lifestyle of your dreams while your money works for you… Or, are you still struggling to consistently profit with your acquisition of the latest Forex Robot? (and wondering how long you can continue investing while taking losses…) Are you getting sick and tired of wasting time and money looking for the elusive “Holy Grail”?

You are spending thousands of dollars buying the latest Forex Products only to realize that they only work sporadically or not at all?

You are continually cheated out of your hard-earned money by manual strategy gurus who promise 15-minute workdays but fail to deliver real profits?

Your hard drive is populated by a broken mob of failed Forex Robots that failed to deliver riches “as advertised”?

Are you chained to your inbox or blackberry anxiously babysitting your signal service because you can’t afford another loss?

If this gets you thinking for even just a moment then this will be the most important letter you’ll read this year.

In fact, I strongly recommend that you get yourself a cup of coffee, turn off the phone ringer, silence your email program and concentrate for the next 15 minutes – Because the next 15 minutes could be worth millions….

Take a look at a couple of performance graphs. Each of these graphs visually shows the real results of using a single Forex strategy at a time. If graphs are not your strong point, don’t worry. I chose the simplest examples and I’ll explain everything that’s needed to understand them:

It shows you that this account experienced a very bumpy road, full of sharp losses that Most investors would give up after such sharp losses.

Moreover, the account made at one point (trade 27) $3800 but the account owner sadly watched a large portion of it ($1750) go down the drain.

These are typical results you see from an investor who uses a single strategy and in this particular case, one of the available automated robot trading strategies (MetaTrader Expert Advisors).

The numbers on the left side of the graph represent the money in the account. The numbers on the bottom are the serial numbers of the trades done. There were a total of 46 trades during the period in which this particular robot was run.

Imagine the roller coaster ride; a couple of days of strong gains (for example trades 8-26) followed by crippling reverses (trades 27-38). If you are an investor who expects quality money management, at this stage you would start to have doubts about this strategy. You’ll soon lose confidence in the robot or stop using it all together.

Most investors would fall for that hindsight wonder. Here’s the kicker. Those reverses starting at trade 5 and trade 17 wipe out all the profits of the previous trades and then some more.

Who wants to work for weeks on this type of strategy, see the account rise and fall, while needing to stay chained to the computer to protect the account?

The results, although bumpy, are good if you would have held… Read more…

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