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Ten Pips A Day“The NO B.S. way of FOREX Trading – Only for people who really want to make money and aren’t emotional wrecks”.

“Stop Wasting Your Time On Complicated Over-Priced Programs And Discover A Powerful Step By Step Strategy That Even A Child Could Understand”!

Dear Friend, I’ll let you in on a little secret, very few people believe it and even less will admit to it. Most FOREX traders Lose Money. Do you know why? Most traders trade based on their emotions! I know it’s hard to believe but I’ve seen more than my fair share of traders that act on emotion and justify it using figures! You don’t need to be a genius to know that that is the fastest way to your early bankruptcy.

With this new found understanding I hit the books. I studied the basics of currencies all over again. I went to libraries, I talked to mathematicians, I even bought other e-books about FOREX trading. All of these sources provided hypothetical models of how currencies should move, however, none of them provided the hard and fast answer that I wanted.

The worst part was all the rest of the e-books. They sold absolute rubbish! Almost all of the “GURU’s” were not even traders. They would even go so far as to say how much you could gain if you leverage this and you leverage that. I think that is purely irresponsible of them to sell the idea of leveraging to novice traders. The ONLY way these people make any money is by selling their overpriced e-books and CD’s full of basic FOREX trading tips that you can learn from any trading book off the shelf. That’s it. These people are CORPORATIONS. They are not there to help you. All they want to do in the end of the day is to make a sale; they have no “secrets” to offer or anything that is even worth a penny.

I don’t know about you but buying e-books from irresponsible non-traders that have not spent a single minute of their lives trading does not sit easy with me. Honestly, do you think they will tell you anything useful? Don’t buy into these SCAMS. You Have Been Warned!

After 5 years of research and data compilation I’ve basically put my findings from all my research, trials and testing together to form a framework in which traders can profit from following a simple system. I have developed a couple of dozen effective trading strategies that, if followed to the tee, would earn you money through trading the PIPS. The amazing thing is, you don’t need huge amounts of cash to start up, the Average Joe can just start with a very small amount of $1000 to start turning a daily profit. Some of these strategies are so simple that you will practically wonder why so little people are actually making a living trading the FOREX. I will show you exactly how I made a constant daily income from making an easy one hour trading session per day. There are no loop-holes or secrets, rather it is just a tried and proven framework to execute trades that will see you make money from movements in currency pairs.

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