Tailwind Trading System – Easy To Use Stock Trading System

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Tailwind Trading System - Easy To Use Stock Trading SystemAre you tired of trying to make money in the stock market without a plan? Would you like to try an easy-to-use stock trading system with a proven track record of success?

The Tailwind Trading System is a unique stock trading system with a proven track record that safely and easily turned a portfolio of $5,000 into $42,000 and turned a portfolio of $100,000 into $850,000* using a small number of trades and a minimal amount of time and effort.

Are you tired of listening to market analysis that does nothing but go around in circles and leaves you scratching your head and wondering “Am I supposed to buy or sell?”?

With the Tailwind Trading System, there is no confusing technical analysis, no stock chart analysis, no software to use, no monthly subscription services, and no market analysis that goes around in circles leaving you scratching your head! You’ll know precisely which stocks to trade, when to buy them, and when to sell them!

In the Tailwind Trading System e-book, you’ll learn everything about the Tailwind Trading System, from the theory behind the system to the step-by-step details for finding the stocks to trade and making the trades. You’ll also find all of the overall track records and detailed track records for the Tailwind Trading System.

Everything you need to use and profit from this stock trading system is contained in the Tailwind Trading System e-book.

The first step is finding the Tailwind stocks to trade. We provide step by step details for finding the stocks to trade. It only requires looking up some information on the Internet. It takes about 5 minutes to do this. You only need to do this once a day or once a week (your choice).

Once you have the stocks to trade, the next step is to determine the buy day. We provide full detailed step by step instructions to find the buy day.

When the buy day arrives, you check the opening price of the stock. The opening price has to pass through a filter. If the opening price passes through this price check, then you buy the stock. All of this is explained in detail in the ebook.

You then set a limit order to sell the stock at the target price and place a stop loss order to sell the stock at the stop loss price. The detailed instructions are in the ebook.

One of three things will happen to your trade. It will hit the target price and you’ll make a profit or it will hit the stop loss price and you’ll take a loss. If it does neither of these two things within 60 days, then you sell the stock at the close of trading on the 60th day and you’ll have either a profit or loss depending on the price you paid for the stock when you purchased it.

You then take your money from the trade and rebalance and divide it using our money management technique. This is all explained in step by step detail in the ebook.

Here’s a few examples of stocks selected with the the Tailwind Trading System. The arrow on the chart is pointing to the buy day. You can see how the stock performed after that day.

The secret behind the success of our stock trading system is… Read more…

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