Straight Talk About Business Entities – Multi-Media Training

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Straight Talk About Business Entities - Multi-Media TrainingDo you just want to know the difference between an S-Corp, C-Corp and an LLC so you can easily choose the best one for your business situation?

The vast majority of small businesses start out as sole proprietorships. Not necessarily a bad thing, but everyone does it that way because it is the easiest and quickest way to get started with a new business.

The bad news is, a sole proprietorship can turn out to be the most expensive and the most risky business entity you could choose! To make matters worse, there is a ton of confusion about the different choices available to small business owners. All the conflicting information just feeds procrastination.

On top of that, even if you seek out professional help to make a smart choice, the so-called “authorities” on the topic usually have a hidden agenda! They try to push you to pick the business entity that best serves THEIR pocketbook — not yours!

It’s true that incorporating can save you a lot in taxes, if done right. But, did you know that it can also cost you thousands of dollars to set up your corporation properly, including accountant and/or attorney’s fees?

My name is Gabrielle Fontaine, and that PB after my names means I’m a Professional Bookkeeper. I specialize in consulting with small business owners and solo entrepreneurs who use QuickBooks® financial software to keep their books straight. My clients who are sole proprietors often ask me for advice on choosing the right business entity for their situation.

As someone who works with the financial records of many different business entities, from sole proprietorships to C-Corps to S-Corps to Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships, I’ve seen them all from the “inside” — and quite frankly, what I’ve seen scares me to death!

In my experience, MOST small business owners — incorporated or not — have no idea how the different business entities work or how much they are paying in taxes or why. And what scares me the most, is those who are incorporated are blatantly doing things in their business that make their so-called corporate shield absolutely useless — and they don’t even realize it!

But I’m going to come out and admit something to you right now: I am still a sole proprietor myself! Shame on me for procrastinating with this extremely important decision too.

The problem? I’ve been procrastinating about choosing a business entity for the same reasons you have. I need to know the straight facts, ALL of them, so I can make the right choice for my business. What about you? Are you ready to step up and take charge of your business’ financial destiny too?

While I do understand the basics of the different entities (I have to, in my line of work!), it’s high time there was clear and easy-to-understand guidelines available for all of us!

That’s why I enlisted the help of a true expert on the subject. I grilled a seasoned CPA with over 30 years experience in helping bootstrapping entrepreneurs like you and me to cut through the garbage and finally get the straight answers we need to make informed decisions for our individual business situations.

To beat this down economy, we NEED to be making strategic choices that will ensure the long-term success… Read more…

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