Storage Auction Secrets

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Storage Auction SecretsI’m sure you’ve seen them. They look like buildings with rows of garage doors and let people store all their extra stuff for a monthly rental fee.

They are all over the place these days, and more than likely you pass at least one just driving around everyday.

What you may not know is that there is a fortune inside those storage units just waiting to be uncovered!

Well, did you ever wonder what happens when someone doesn’t pay the monthly rental fee on their storage unit?

When someone doesn’t pay their rental fee, the owners of the storage facility cut off the lock and auction off all the items inside to the public. Now, they’re not trying to be mean spirited they’re just trying to make back some of their rental loss and clear the unit out for another tenant.

In the past, the knowledge of these storage unit auctions was not well known outside of a select group of antique dealers, second-hand store owners and wholesale brokers. Recently though they have quietly become the secret source for retailers and eBay sellers to locate items at dirt cheap prices.

Some go as low as $10 and some go as high as a few thousand, but on average they go for only a few hundred dollars…and that’s for the entire units’ contents!

Because of the cheap price these storage units sell for, you and I get a tremendous opportunity to purchase items for a fraction of their value and help the facility owner at the same time.

You can sell these items offline at garage sales or flea markets or if you want to work from home you can sell them online on eBay. And because of the rock bottom prices you’ll be buying things for, no one will be able to compete with you!

In fact, I was recently interviewed about storage auctions on Entrepreneur Magazine’s hour long radio show which highlights innovative money making ideas (Keep reading to find out how you can listen to the interview).

Now, you might wonder if these auctions are happening near you. Well, the good news is that these storage unit auctions are happening all over the place – an estimated 100,000 storage units are auctioned off every month (that’s a lot of people not paying their rent)!

Chances are if there is a storage facility near you, they are having an auction at least once a month.

Hi, I went to my first auction Wednesday and ended up buying 3 units for $125.00 for all three, and I sold over $400.00 of stuff the next day, this is great and fun. Thanks for the help!!!

Probably the question I get asked the most is what you will find at a storage unit auction. Well, each auction is different and you never can tell what you’ll find (I’ve found that that’s actually part of the fun) but I really wanted a way for you to see what great items you can get at storage unit auctions independent from what I am telling you – a third party validation of sorts.

I went to eBay and searched for the term “storage auction” in the auction descriptions. I found auctions where people said that the item they were selling was something they got at a storage auction. Now… Read more…

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