Stock Market Insurance

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Stock Market InsuranceConsidering the current economic environment, who wouldn’t be? But before you consider taking your money out of the market, read this.

Dear Investor, No one knows what tomorrow will bring. The stock market can be irrational and unpredictable, but we do know this: The stock market will have winning days, and the stock market will have losing days. So the key to your success is ……..Don’t Lose! Or better stated, never accept large losses. This trading rule has been around for a very long time and seems obvious. But the truth is, investors don’t often think about the consequences of losing until it’s too late. Do you have a plan in place to control risk after your stock purchases? Most investors don’t. Many traders spend all their time on stock selection. Of course, picking the right stock is important to your success, but it’s only half the battle. And it’s a battle you won’t always win. No matter what your skill level you will pick both winners and losers, but only the losers have the ability to destroy your wealth.

Despite being properly diversified, many investors saw their portfolios drop by 50% or more at the bottom of the last bear market. A loss of 50% requires gains of 10% for more than 7 consecutive years just to break even! You know you shouldn’t pull money out of stocks during a bear market, and that trying to time the market is dangerous. But watching your portfolio value shrink month after month is too much for most investors. The problem is, you don’t know when recovery will begin after a nasty decline. When the market regained over 30% in one month in early 2009, many investors were sitting “safely” on the sidelines and missed it. Fortunately, there is something more you can do to control risk and calm the urge to panic and sell at the wrong time. What if your maximum losses could be predetermined at an acceptable level – determined by you – and could not exceed that amount no matter how bad the bear market got or how far your stocks fell? Wouldn’t that make it easier to stay in the market and wait for the inevitable recovery?

Money managers have been using listed put options to protect their stock holdings for years. This easy to understand technique can be applied by individual investors. It works exactly like an insurance policy with a premium, deductible, and term of your choice. It’s flexible and adaptable to any stock or mutual fund portfolio. And despite what you may have heard about options, stock insurance has limited and predefined risk. Like any insurance policy, you know all the potential costs before purchasing.

Stock Market Insurance for the Individual Investor is a 76 page, easy to understand ebook for investors of all levels. It gives you specific examples illustrating each strategy, and provides you with worksheets so you can adapt these strategies to your own portfolio. Every technique discussed has limited, definable risk. This information is timely and useful for anyone that has a vested interest in stocks and mutual funds, regardless of your account size. Don’t know much about options? An options tutorial is included at the end of the book to teach you the basics, including how to place your options order.

Investing is serious business with… Read more…

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