Steve McIntyre-Smith, Author – Speaker – Consultant – Recruiter – Merger Broker

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Steve McIntyre-Smith, Author - Speaker - Consultant - Recruiter - Merger BrokerMarketing For is the leading authority on marketing, practice development and practice management for CPAs, CAs, CGAs, CMAs, ACAs/FCAs ACCAs/FCCAs, ACEAs and other similarly designated public accountants around the world. This site is full of free marketing tips, a free marketing newsletter, lots of great ideas on how to win more new clients, get more referrals and win more new business from existing clients – for AICPA, CICA, ICAEW, CGA, CMA and ACCA members and similarly designated Accountants around the World.

“I find the quality of LEDGER to be quite refreshing in the world of spam email and superfluous newsletters from one organisation or another” – Colin Imms, Australia

“Your tips and advice on your website take everything I’ve been trying to tell our Partners for years and puts it in wonderfully clear order.” – Alice Summers, USA

“Great ideas for using voice mail, I was one of those who used to just hang up because I didn’t know how to leave a message that would encourage a return call.” – Gina Levy, USA

“Steve McIntyre-Smith has an obvious and deep-rooted understanding of the problems facing today’s practitioner, such an understanding that can only come from having been there himself.” – Steven M. Walker, Canada

Since 2001 LEDGER has been establishing a stellar reputation as the premier newsletter for public accounting firms.

Every month this FREE publication provides ideas and insights into a wide range of topics of interest to the practitioner, such as: starting, growing, buying or selling your firm, hiring great people, making more money for your efforts and so on.

It also includes a career guide section for the newer members of the profession and links to some great career opportunities and our famous public accounting salary survey.

“Thanks for the newsletters – I think they’re great! I got wind of your newsletter through another newsletter I subscribe to… Anyway, you are providing valuable marketing information and inspiration.” – Richard Tye, West Midlands, United Kingdom

“…let me say how much I appreciate the very practical and ‘do-able’ guidance you share with us every month. It’s a great service.” – Robin MacLellan, Glasgow, Scotland

Welcome. If you’ve found us via and are looking for some of our featured products…

Steve McIntyre-Smith’s DVD “Best Practices For Running Your Practice” filmed during the seminar of the same name at Credit Valley Golf Club, Mississauga, offers a host of ideas for getting the best out of your practice.

In our new DVD “Buying An Accounting Firm” Steve shares a wealth of experience in buying and selling accounting firms gained during his 12 years in public accounting and the last 17 years working as a consultant to accounting firms. In this time he has brokered many deals between buyer and seller and has facilitated many mergers between public accounting firms.

This audio CD tells the story of how Steve added $150,000 in revenues to his practice ‘back in the day’ – without doing any extra work or incurring any additional costs!

Steve McIntyre-Smith’s first book – ‘The Succession Planning Toolkit’ published by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants is now available.

Visit and check out their online store at to purchase Steve’s highly acclaimed first ‘real’ (as opposed to e-book) book!

Steve McIntyre-Smith has… Read more…

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