Start a Leaflet Distribution Business Without Capital

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Start a Leaflet Distribution Business Without CapitalClick on this link to view a free preview of ‘Leaflet Your Way to Success’, A Short Overview, the complete Table of Contents, the Introduction, and Ten Sound Reasons Why This is Such a Great Business Opportunity.

Note: In the unlikely event you experience problems when clicking on free preview, please click on the Adobe icon to download a free copy of adobe reader. Adobe Reader is already pre-installed on most computers.

‘ I mentioned a very interesting business manual I’d unearthed called Leaflet Your Way to Success by Michael Alker. It’s about, as the name says, starting your own leaflet distribution business’.

‘That drummed up a fair bit of interest amongst WRMMers wanting to know more. So I’ve been in touch with Michael and persuaded him to tell us more about his opportunity…and how you could start up your own successful leaflet distribution business too’.

‘Now, I can imagine you might be thinking-groan-leaflet distribution isn’t a very exciting or profitable opportunity is it? I must admit I thought that before I read Michael’s manual. But you’d be wrong! There are some very good reasons why it could be a great start-up opportunity at the moment. It’s easy to start up part time from home- without any capital or experience. There’s plenty of demand for your services from businesses who are hungry for more customers right now. To be honest, there’s alot more potential here than I ever thought possible’.

‘Added to this Michael really seems to know is stuff. He’s developed some ingenious techniques for transforming what would otherwise be quite a hum drum little operation into a very professional and ultimately very profitable enterprise’.

If you want to check out Canonbury Publishing their website link is listed at the bottom of this page.

Hi, I’ve just purchased the manual and it has been tremendously helpful to my business. I’ve only read the first part of the manual and I’ve already been visiting customers. It’s a great manual and has all the useful information I need to get started. Thanks

The ‘Leaflet Your Way to Success’ business plan is structured in such a way that you’ll be up and running, and making money within days; on a part time, or full time basis. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to start making money fast in a business with real expansion potential. You don’t need any prior experience and it’s difficult to fail provided you put the simple step by step plan into action.

Michael I just wanted to drop you an email to pass on my thanks for your support, help, and the excellent manual you have put together. I spent time to study this and then began to take action. In the first 6 weeks of trading I have secure contracts for 150,000 leaflets before Christmas, which is 10 weeks away at the time of writing. Things have gone so well that I’ve had to turn down some very large contracts as I simply don’t have the manpower. I’ve already recruited 4 distributors and am now looking to take on at least 5-6 more in the next few weeks. All this has been done by simply sending out 30 letters to start with! I’m still working in a full-time job also! Its amazing, and the guidance you have offered both in your… Read more…

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