Sourcecontrol: An outsourcing framework for the dangerously ambitious.

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Sourcecontrol: An outsourcing framework for the dangerously ambitious.We’ll keep this simple. If we haven’t met yet, my name is David Walsh. I’m an entrepreneur, and I’ve been pushing the limits of outsourcing for years to build projects and create companies – and I’ve blown an absurd amount of time and money along the way.

After all the chaos, the mistakes, the blown budgets and the wasted hours – yes, it’s simple and a massively profitable. Everything leading up to that point is anything but.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve taken every lesson I’ve learned and put it into a 160 page, fully annotated, resource packed book that is everything you need to start outsourcing successfully. No other resource available gives you this level of detail toward leveraging your time and money.

“Sourcecontrol is an absolute must-read for anyone who is looking to exorcise extraneous busywork from their lives, take their entrepreneurial endeavors to the next level or mobilize their work with as little wasted effort as possible. David has written a book that is informative enough to make you completely rethink your current business model and entertaining enough to keep you glued to your seat (I read the whole thing in one sitting due to its excellent readability). I highly recommend Sourcecontrol as the next logical step in any lifestyle designer/entrepreneur/ambitious person’s progression!”

“If you’ve read the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and thought to yourself – “Yes! That’s for me! Now… how do I start outsourcing?” then Source Control is for you. David’s insights, expertise, templates and “swipe file” of common documents will save you hours of labor and headaches – and hopefully save you from repeating some of the mistakes I made with my first virtual assistant.”

“With these techniques I’ve found an incredibly cheap VA who for a week now has been nailing all the low level tasks I’ve been giving him, most importantly finding me new freelance gig leads, a previously time sucking weekly repetitive event. He also takes out a lot of the front work, so I can focus on the most profitable actions. The ebook comes chock full of easily personalized documents which make hiring, task processes, and finding the right VA a trivial chore.”

“I’ve been reading your book on my train ride home and to say I’m blown away is a serious f****** understatement. As soon as I get off the train I’m f****** running to Kinkos for a hard copy – then purchasing 2 copies. You are going to change my life.”

“David has obviously got this outsourcing caper down to a fine art. He has made the mistakes and produced a product that will guide you around the obstacles you will no doubt encounter if you go into this without the knowledge or guidance someone who has been there can give you. If you’re thinking about outsourcing but you feel you need some guidance before taking the step towards employing a VA and knowing you can make effective use of them, this eBook and a few hours to put it into practice will give you the confidence you’re looking for. Please note, this is not for those after someone to organize their shopping list, this is… Read more…

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