Simple Forex Tester

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Simple Forex TesterWith so many benefits to trading Forex and all of the huge money making opportunities that come from it, why is it that hardly anybody knows about Forex? Let alone can trade it profitably every day? There is a very simple reason…

That’s right. Chances are, if you are reading this, you will not make one red cent in Forex trading. You will venture from “guru” to “guru”, buying systems, strategies, and knowledge left and right. You will spend countless hours in forums and burn up hundreds of different demo accounts before you finally realize that you can NOT do this. It simply is not for you, and you should just accept that you are going to continue waking up to your day job for some time to come.

But… What about the other 5% that can consistently pull their piece of that 3.2 trillion dollar pie every single day?

If they can make their own hours while simultaneously making a massive amount of money in Forex, blowing by every recession without blinking an eye… then why not you? The answer is simple, and may surprise you…

That’s right! “Practice makes perfect,” that old saying that mother used to quote as you fell off your first bicycle for the 8th time can be applied to virtually anything…especially trading Forex! Quite literally, ALL you need is to practice.

The problem is, most of us do not have the time to practice LIKE a full time trader. This is a VERY important part in preparing to trade full time. If you want to be able to trade from 9 to 5, you need to practice trading from 9 to 5.

You may be saying to yourself “But why is this? It seems very easy to keep a standard day job and come home to trade in the afternoons before bed. After all, Forex is a 24 hour market, right?”…

Forex IS a 24 hour market, but if you only trade in the afternoons after you get home from work, you will never be able to trade like you are when you are finally a free and independent Forex trader. This means eliminating the time constraints on your trading hours and exposing yourself to a variety of market conditions.

Market conditions vary widely from hour to hour as global markets open and close, and as news announcements are released. Most all of the market movement occurs during the day when you are at work, or have other obligations, making it extremely difficult to actually practice how you WANT to trade.

You know as well as I do that 100% of your focus needs to be on your trading, making it very hard to pick and choose the times you want to trade. Market moves and opportunities wait for nobody. To win, you must be prepared.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to “re-wind” the markets just like it was a video tape? To get to the Super Bowl, you have to study the plays, right? What if you could simply hit one button and go back in time, so you can practice your trading during the time you were at work? Or even sleeping?

Well, wish no more! The Simple Forex Tester is the virtual “remote control” for the Forex market. This “remote control” is so… Read more…

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