Short Swing Trading by David Graeme-Smith

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Short Swing Trading by David Graeme-SmithCopy my trading strategy and you could be making consistent profits ….. ……… month in, month out!

… will learn to use my comprehensive and complete trading strategy to get returns like this…

Jetblue Airways Corp (JBLU) – US Stock Profit $10,122 ( Profit graph opposite) Over 16 trades 81% winning trades Ave win was 2.5 x ave loss

JJB Sports (JJB) – UK Stock Profit £13,783 ( Profit graph opposite) Over 25 trades 60 % winning trades Ave win was 3.2 x ave loss

A full example of a typical trading month is in the book showing every trade made during the month and how I applied the Short Swing Trading Strategy. More examples like the ones above can be seen towards the bottom of this page.

Short Swing Trading has now sold in over 50 countries around the world and the strategy has a proven record in many markets including Australia and Canada as well as the US and the UK markets. You will be provided with a suggested watch list of US, Can, Aus and UK stocks that trade just as well as JBLU and JJB above using the strategy.

Trading the Indices Short Swing Trading was designed to trade stocks (shares) but with a slight variation on the basic strategy which is described on the Member’s Website you can trade swings on the Dow Jones, S&P 500, FTSE 100, (Australian) ASX 200, (German) Dax and more using End of Day charts. Three examples are shown below.

Dow Jones Index (Profit graph opposite) 25 trades over 16 month period 60 % winning trades Ave win was 3.2 x ave loss

What does all this add up to? Well, if over the last 18 months you had traded a selection of the stocks from the published watch list plus an Index or two if you wish, then using the Short Swing Trading strategy, you could have made a VERY healthy profit…

…and there are over 60 US stocks listed in my watch list as well as watch lists for the UK, Canada and Australia. You can also compile your own watch list for any other market based on information provided in the book as well as add to the ones on the website.

Trading Forex – The strategy will trade GBP/USD and EUR/USD profitably on an End of Day Basis (daily chart only) but with different settings to the basic SST strategy. These settings are posted on the SST Members’ Website. (Please note that this is designed as an end of day trading strategy)

Commodities, metals, futures and options can also be traded using the strategy published in the book.

“Wow! What a nice job. I downloaded your book last night and couldn’t stop reading till I finished the first 14 chapters. I saved the exercises, along with the last couple of chapters, for this morning. I appreciated the logical flow of the material, the lucidity of the exposition, and found the exercises to be an excellent test of my comprehension of your Short Swing Trading strategy .” Kenneth Read Sr, MD, USA.

“It was very refreshing to read your book, I must say that of all the books I have read in the last 6 years, this is probably the most complete, informative, practical and no nonsense approach, to trading I have seen. It’s a pity I did not have this 6 years ago, it would… Read more…

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