Short Sale Momentum: Short Sale Momentum

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Short Sale Momentum: Short Sale MomentumWould you like to be making serious money in real estate while others are struggling in today’s market condition?

That’s right! Residential short sales can be extremely lucrative — if done right! However, without having the right information and being armed with the right tools, it can be very frustrating.

My name is “JJ” and I’m an active real estate agent working in the trenches — just like you. I’ve been in the real estate business for ten years now and started off as a buyer’s agent during the best years — when everything was easy and the fruits were hanging low. From showing homes on Sunday night at 10 PM to writing offers ending in multiple biddings and stealing the deal, I did it all, AND I made a lot of money…until the bubble burst. Sound familiar?

Many of my past clients started calling me and asking me for help. Honestly, I didn’t know what to do. A client asked me if we could sell his home as a short sale. I did poorly and their house ended up being foreclosed. I was crushed and embarrassed. I knew I had to turn things around. Highly motivated, I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on whatever training I could lay my hands on. When I started, only a handful of people were focusing on short sales, and the lenders were disorganized and facing an uphill battle. Those who decided to tackle this segment of the business were becoming WILDLY successful.

But most were extremely protective of their knowledge and tight lipped. They didn’t tell anybody about what they were doing or how they do it, and they didn’t want anybody else in their business and territory. Even now it has become almost like a secret society or an “old boys” club. I didn’t see why.

Well here’s why! They are on a run-a-way cash train with no end in sight. Just look at this growth curve…

I am now a short sale expert. I have personally closed millions of dollars worth of short sale transactions. I actually do it everyday. I sometimes handle as many as 12 to 15 transactions at a time; sometimes more. And I feel there is MORE than enough business out there to go around and many of our former clients desperately need our help.

So fortunately for you, I’m going to help you break into the “Old Boy’s Club”. I have taken my years of experience, mistakes, successes, and urging of friends, and created the book “Short Sale Momentum”. For the first time, I’m going to reveal facts to you that have been kept in the dark in this industry for years.

One day it will be all over. How much benefit has your short sale business given you? Besides the money and success, you will be positioned as a real estate agent in a way you’ve never dreamed of. When the real estate market comes back to normal, how do you think people will perceive you? You were there when things were tough. You were there to help and support distressed homeowners.

Now, being in a normal real estate market, everything will seem effortless. You have become a “listing agent” because you have dealt with so many homeowners. By the standards of our profession… Read more…

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