Seven Trading Systems for the S&P Futures

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Seven Trading Systems for the S&P FuturesHey, I’m David Bean, I started looking for a way to trade the markets back in 1995 (right out of college). It took me five years before I discovered a strategy that I believed in enough to trade and be profitable. There is so much hype when it comes to trading and markets. It might appear easy, but it is not. My book will give you a shortcut to finding a strategy that works. It also provides a great education for you to come up with your own methods – which I highly encourage.

There are so many tricks to the trade and I wish I had access to this information when I first started as there are so many books that reveal strategies that only work for a one year windows or less and don’t take into account transaction costs. So many strategies are methods where there is still a decision that needs to be made based on talent and experience. These strategies in my book give exact trading rules so there is no guesswork.

It is a well known fact that most traders lose their initial trading capital within six months. Some of the reasons for this are:

I normally lease non-disclosed strategies for $50/month per system. Multiple system lease portfolios can be $150/month or $1800/year.

These two books include nine fully disclosed systems for less than a monthly lease of one system. I believe these strategies offer great value as both trading systems and education and introduce you to my trading approach if you choose to lease or purchase additional strategies. Adding additional strategies can provide a more diverse approach. These two books will give you enough new strategies to get started as I encourage you to learn and understand all nine strategies.

Either way, if you are a trader, I strongly encourage you to find a method or strategy for your trading through my books or from someone who has been there. It can take many years to understand how to design a system and the tricks to developing strategies of value.

There is a difference between an indicator based approach or method versus an actual trading system that gives you the rules as well as the buy and sell signals. Indicators and methods can be great but there is so much left open to interpretation. It is easy to show what an indicator could have done plus there is no way to really track results unless it is placed within a system. Many indicator based approaches could be programmed into a system where the results can be tracked but they aren’t. This book does not include a set of indicators or an indicator based approach. It is an automated trading system approach.

Obviously indicators can be used successfully by some traders and it is an approach to consider, but if you want to learn how to generate automated trading signals where the buy and sell rules can be tracked, then check out my books!

Keep in mind, it will take some work on your part, depending on your experience level, to study the strategies in this book. These strategies are developed in the Tradestation platform. Using the Tradestation platform to trade and study these strategies is highly recommended but not necessary to learn how the strategies… Read more…

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