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SEO Software - SEO Tools - SEO Link Building SoftwareFrom: Sky High Linker Team Dear Friend, Before landing on this page, you might already know that getting backlinks is the most important SEO factor to take your website to the top 10 ranking on Google, Bing, or Yahoo!—no matter how heavy the competition. Simply put, the more backlinks you get AND the quality of the backlinks is what’s going to get your website to the first page of Google! Failing to get the right amount of backlinks that are good quality will make your SEO efforts alot harder than they should be—this is why link building is not a matter of choice, this is especially true if you’re targeting a highly competitive keyword. I’m going to assume that you’re eager to find as many backlinks as you could ever imagine, as it is one of the most important factors to getting on the first page for any competitive keyword…

110,665 Visits – These are targeted visitors coming straight from the search engines, no advertising costs!

271,186 Pageviews – This shows that the traffic was intrested in what I had to offer by viewing more pages

49.51% Bounce Rate – This is another indicator that I was recieving ULTRA targeted traffic, which resulted in higher sales conversions

Google generates the ‘lions share’ of search traffic—it’s the people’s first choice when they’re looking for something, that’s why it’s #1 choice for all SEO experts…

In October 2009 comScore, Inc. released its core search report showing that Google dominates the search results in the U.S. by 65.4% followed by Yahoo! by 18% of the total searches inside the U.S.

Google is the only search engine that heavily concentrates on backlinks and the quality of backlinks for their ranking algorithm…

It doesn’t mean that when you are ranked #1 for any keyword on Google you’ll reach the same position on other search engines such as Yahoo!

Because other search engines use different algorithms to decide how sites rank in their search engines, no one can guarantee you high ranking on Yahoo, unless you mix it with SEO on-page strategies.

Of course, doing on-page optimization and getting backlinks is the best bet if you want to target other SEs, but there is no question that getting backlinks is the most challenging step of the whole SEO process.

Sky High Linker is able to generate a MASSIVE number of backlinks for your website with a few clicks of the mouse… this increases you’re link popularity. This the same software I’ve been using to dominate highly compeitive keywords.

You can compete for many competitive keywords in the SEO arena without worrying about your competitors…

The best way to get more targeted traffic is choosing many keywords and targeting them. Let’s assume that the number of keywords you target is 2, 5, or 7 competitive keywords and tens of long tail keywords that will bring you all potential buyers you target. To do this, you must get huge number of backlinks to be able to rank higher for all keywords you selected. This will be tough and time consuming if you don’t have a reliable SEO Software that helps you AUTOMATE the linkbuilding process. There’s no other way to do this… on-page optimization effect is very limited and won’t drive you higher for highly competitive keywords. All you need is to get unlimited… Read more…

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