Sell to the Canadian Government – Yes you can!

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Sell to the Canadian Government - Yes you can!The Canadian Government is The Largest Purchaser of Goods and Services in Canada. Each Year it Spends Over $20-$30 Billion. I Will Show you just how Easy it is to supply it.

The federal government is making it more easier for SME’s (small and medium enterprises) to bid in a move to make the larger suppiers become more competitive in their pricing.

Over the past few years the government has made it extremely easy for companies, from anywhere to supply goods and services. It doesn’t matter where the goods are from or where the supplier is based. The most important criteria is that whatever is supplied, is competitively priced and within the stated parameters.

There are hundreds of bids ranging from $2,500 to $500,000 that go unanswered everyday because nobody is aware of them! There are no active bids for them. Some tenders only have I bid registered, and the lucky supplier ends up with the contract without a single competitor!

In the 2009 Federal Budget, the Canadian federal government has earmarked hundreds of millions of dollars in its ‘Economic Action Plan’ for projects to kick-start the Canadian economy. This money has to be spent by 2011 otherwise it goes back on the government’s books. To date, not even 50% has been allocated, as there are not enough bids for all the various projects!

Did you know that most of the large Canadian companies that win government contracts, actually sub-contract most of the contract to smaller companies? I will show you how to contact these companies, so you don’t even have to participate in the bidding process!

I have over 20 years of experience in this system and I will give you an insight into how and what the government buys.

I am giving you an opportunity to make good money, using the tips and techniques that I have mastered over 20 years of working in this field.

Is your business in an economic slump? The Canadian Government has over $20 BILLION to bail you out!

Are you producing a quality product with no market? The Canadian Government will become your biggest customer!

I will give you all the tools and information to make your business or industry an overnight powerhouse!

Most of the methods I reveal to are FREE to use, where you can start making money right away without any further investment. There are updates and publications that require further spending, but these are totally optional, and not having them will in no way hinder you. The primary thing that is required is your time, effort and how innovative you are.

Everything I have written can be found from the various Government of Canada websites. You just have to have the time and knowledge to locate this information.

There is nothing to stop you from making money. I give you all the tools from start to finish. If you have an industry, tender your goods at a competitive price; if you are an importer or distributor, your goods may be what the government wants. If you have access to the Internet, you can source goods and tender. You don’t need to have a huge infrastructure in place. Remember you can also access smaller provincial governments and private companies. The onus is on you. I have had clients who started supplying the government as a part… Read more…

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