RoHS, WEEE And China RoHS

Introduction by ebook's author:

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RoHS, WEEE And China RoHSWhen RoHS went into effect in the European Union, the electronics industry was changed forever. But the changes are not finished. WEEE implementation is ongoing and more regulations are on the way. The second phase of China RoHS is nearly ready as of September 2009. The big corporations are well on the way to complying with the new regulations. But without the resources of a Fortune 500 company, how will you make sense of the chaos?

I wrote this book because I saw an urgent need for a practical guide. I have spent months sifting through hundreds of information sources, and I continue to uncover more. The other books out there are mostly focused on lead-free soldering.

If you must convert a soldering process, then those books are essential to your task. But lead-free soldering is only one small part of the compliance process. I have found few other books that speak directly to the strategies and tactics of reaching compliance. Most of the readily available sources of information are vague or overly general. Some are downright misleading. Real, useful facts are scattered about, mixed in with platitudes and generalities.

Though I call it a book, RoHS, WEEE and China RoHS is really much more. First of all, it is an e-book. Delivered as a PDF file, you can read it on your computer or print it on any ordinary printer. Reading it on a computer, you can click on links in the text that will take you to important, relevant web sites for more information.

Maybe your company has outsourced manufacturing. Why would you need to worry about compliance? Even if you use a contract manufacturer (CM) you need this book:

China RoHS Compliance covers China RoHS, the latest environmental law to emerge. Though it shares a name with EU RoHS, the differences are great, and critical to your success. Official versions of EU RoHS were published in all the European languages. The official version of China RoHS is in Mandarin Chinese. Where most of the information on EU RoHS was free, information on China RoHS is often available only for a fee. My guide to China RoHS delivers these items:

China RoHS Compliance is a companion to the earlier book, RoHS, WEEE and Lead-Free. China RoHS builds on a compliance program based on material content data collection. Content data is the only way to get to China RoHS compliance. If you need to know about both programs, RoHS, WEEE and China RoHS is the best way to go.

What you have seen so far will already save you hours and hours of research and investigation. That alone would pay for any of these books many times over. But I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I just had to add more. Take a look at these five bonus items included with each copy of RoHS, WEEE and China RoHS.

Information about RoHS and WEEE is constantly changing. To keep RoHS, WEEE and China RoHS current, I continue to add updates. The most recent, released 27 October 2009, replaced broken links with new references. It includes links to producer registration sites and directive transposition status in each nation.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Try the book and all the bonus items for 56 days. If you are not completely satisfied your money will be refunded with… Read more…

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