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Rent to Buy EbookAttention Renters: Here’s your chance to break free from the rent trap & move straight into your own dream home!

If you’ve been searching for an easy, effective way to buy your own home now then this will be the most important letter you have ever read.

In my new Book called “How to Buy a House with a Months Wages” I will reveal all the secrets of how to get into your own home when you are locked out of the banking system.

This book is written for you, to give you the power, the power to make a really great decision for you and your family.

And it will stop innocent people being taken for a ride by brazen thieves selling people a “Dream Home”, only to find they have bought their worst nightmare.

This powerful 52 page book reveals all the inside secrets that could make the difference between make or break for you and your family…..

My name is Jeff Muir and I’m a successful property investor with dozens of investment properties now and am living in my dream home on the edge of a big lake in Orange NSW. My wife Jennifer and I restarted our lives together after we had both separated from our previous partners over 15 years ago.

We have raised 5 children who have all left home now and we certainly didn’t start from a foundation of wealth, in fact when we set out on our journey we started with nothing.

I started by reading as many books on property as I could and seeking out the best minds in property investment and finance in Australia and overseas. By just acting on some simple easy to follow steps, in a few short years I had sold over 73 properties on Rent to Buy and before I knew it I was tagged -

Tony, my solicitor called me one day and said “Channel 7 Current Affair” wanted to do a story about Rent to Buy in Sydney. In Orange “Win TV” wanted to know more. “Money Magazine” also featured me in their story about alternative finance and how to do “Rent to Buy”.

Through my website I started to get calls from all over the country from people who wanted to buy their dream home with Rent to Buy.

Now this is where I realised something really important for you. There is no way I could help all these people calling me from all over Australia and New Zealand.

People just like you who were locked out of the banking system and just wanted to find out about how it all worked. People dreaming of buying their dream home for their family’s future and there was no way I could help all these people.

There is a fortune to be made by selling homes to people just like you using rent to buy. I have lost count of the number buyers who I have spoken to who have bought a home on Rent to Buy and then lost everything and it wasn’t their fault.

Wouldn’t you like to know what would happen if the interest rates went up by 4%. (that would increase your payment by about $200 per week on the $300,000 home.

There are many many more traps and pitfalls for new players to the property game and I… Read more…

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