Reclaiming Life After MLM

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Reclaiming Life After MLMClean Up the Mess, Get Rid of the Debt, and Free Yourself from Pain & Blame so that You Can Enjoy a MUCH Better Future.

Are you standing shell-shocked in the aftermath of a failed MLM venture . . . wondering how (or even IF) you’ll ever be able to dig yourself out from the ruins?

Or worse, do you continue to pour money into an MLM business month after month, even though you’re already in debt, hoping that somehow everything’s going to magically come together and all of your time, money, and years of frustration will FINALLY pay off?

Perhaps you’re feeling discouraged and disillusioned by all of the promises that have gone unfulfilled. You may be feeling anger or resentment towards the people who made those promises.

Most of all, you may be feeling angry with yourself.  Maybe you’ve even been beating yourself up and “feeling like an idiot” for allowing this to happen.

The range of feelings is enormous and can be quite intense.  You may be feeling anything and everything — from sadness and confusion to anger and fear. 

If you’re like most people, then you may even be feeling a sense of panic about the financial repercussions and what this could mean for the rest of your life.

All of these feelings are understandable and certainly valid.  However, what we want for you to know is that . . .

You CAN break free of this pain.  You CAN get out of this mess.  You CAN overcome the hardship and you CAN release the debt.

You CAN even come out stronger than ever before and create a future better than anything you’ve ever imagined.   I can help.  My name is Christine Sutton and I created this website to help other people just like my husband and me who have to pick up the pieces and dig out of a financial mess after attempting to build a business in the network marketing industry.

Thousands upon thousands of people need help in overcoming the financial and emotional ramifications of MLM failure, and that need has been going unanswered.  (Until now, that is.)

Sure, you can find dozens of “How I turned around my miserable MLM failure” stories, but they all have ONE thing in common.  They’re written by people who continued on with MLM. 

I want to help people who want to turn things around – whether or not they continue on with MLM.

The challenge with the typical, “how I turned my MLM failure around” story is two-fold.  First, because the story’s author is still heavily invested in the MLM model, their resource will be skewed to that never-ending goal of enticing people to join their business.

(It’s also likely that their resource will claim to be the latest and greatest training breakthrough AND come with a very hefty price tag.)  ;-)

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, is the “I did it and you can do it too if you only try hard enough” mindset that is so prevalent with the MLM big-leaguers.

I’m not by any means minimizing their accomplishments or questioning their integrity.  However, I think it’s important to realize that those typical MLM turn-around stories may lead many of us to feel worse about ourselves than… Read more…

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