- Real Estate Marketing – Client Attraction Strategies

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- Real Estate Marketing - Client Attraction StrategiesDiscover the key “leverage” activities that work specifically for you that are responsible for the highest proportion of your referral business. Not all referral activities are created equal. Leverage is about spending the least amount of time to get the best result.

Find out how to free up more of your time so that you can intensify your efforts on activities that work for you.

Connect with your business network , work with the highest quality business owners and increase the speed of communication between your business associates.

You may be using a multitude of manual and electronic tools to generate and manage your referrals e.g. excel, outlook, little post it notes, a whiteboard or a book where you document your activities when they are complete. You then update this information in your “deal closing systems” for example, Top Producer, ACT, Goldmine, Salesforce, etc to complete and manage the transaction.

Due to the number of manual and electronic tools it is difficult to quantify which activities lead directly to the highest quality referrals, which are your best referral sources and how to shorten the timeline between referrals.

It’s not your fault as you get caught up with so many tools and systems. You are probably not aware of the options available to increase your effectiveness. You may end up duplicating work, wasting time through inefficiency and just capturing information rather than using this information smartly to grow your business.

RAM eliminates all the multiple manual and electronic tools that generate the referrals so that you are ready to update this directly into your deal closing systems to complete the transaction.

You end up with fewer tools and the best part is that you have the information to take action to generate your next referral in the shortest time and save on average 8 to 10 hours a month.

Get accurate information in a centralized location so you can take action. This is so easy to use that you will actually enjoy using it.

Tracks specific activities and relationships that results in referrals and show you how to use this to immediately shorten the timeline between referrals.

Connect with your business relationships directly from RAM online. Enhance speed and ease of communications.

Automatically tracks your proactive activities on daily weekly and monthly basis and if you are coached, you can keep your coach updated on a regular basis.

Value each relationship – RAM measures the number of referrals sent, received and rewarded for each relationship.

Keeps your business associates who have their own RAM account updated on the level of commerce between the two of you.

Tracks the 39 pieces of essential information that is required to deepen your relationships with your best clients.

Provides multiple ways for relationships to send you referrals and for you to immediately be notified and act on those referrals.

Keeps and automatic history of activities for each client so that it can be referenced when required.

Gives you an immediate snapshot of your database so you know what activities were performed last and you can take immediate action.

Increases your efficiency in your “power hour”. You can run a report to determine whom to contact and what action to take next. Don’t leave up to guess work.

Minimize the amount of manual effort you are spending with your… Read more…

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