Real Estate Investing UnderGround

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Real Estate Investing UnderGroundIf you want to build a successful real estate investment business ..even if you don’t have a clue where to start, don’t have a license, no credit and no money, then you’re in luck because this will be the most eye-opening letter you’ve ever read.

My name is Derek Pierce. I have a wife with 2 kids and we live in Alabama. I believe it’s safe to say that you’ve probably never heard of me.

See, I’ve been living “under the radar” actively doing deals for the last eight years, and I’ve single handedly bought and sold millions of dollars in real estate without credit checks, without banks, and without begging anyone for a loan.

And I’m going to show you how you, too, could easily profit from your own Real Estate Investment business buying, selling, and controlling houses earning $5,000, $10,000 and more without using your own credit and without banks even if you have no previous real estate experience whatsoever.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard some of get rich quick hype before, and if you’re like me then you’re cautious and skeptical.

I’m not the seminar or late night guru – I’m just your regular dude that was able to figure out a system that will make money for you month in and month out.

But before we go further I want to set the record straight by letting you know up front what my system is NOT about.

Heck, I was living paycheck to paycheck, working like a dog, and carrying my lunch to work just so that I could save enough funds to pay off the stinkin’ Visa bill.

If I tried one job, I tried them all… And if I tried one business opportunity I tried them all – from selling vitamins, pyramid schemes, to day trading.

And what made my situation even worse was that I’d turned into an information junkie buying into worthless get rich quick plans charging up numerous credit cards.

Like many others that have been faced with downsizing, I too was seeing the effects of a big corporate buyout at the young age of 23. I was married with one kid- Devin and another kid on the way.

Our manager’s name was Chad, an overweight jerk that was a real ass kisser attempting to climb the corporate ladder (you know the type).

As he entered the room, I thought he would have something positive to say, some positive spin on the news of the merger in attempt to keep the morale high.

Canceling all of our business to business rate plans which would mean we would have work twice as much to make less money.

And so, to make a long story short, I turned my notice in a couple of weeks later. but this time, I would not be going back to a J-O-B.

See, I had been investing in real estate part time and had gotten to a point where my part time income had exceeded my full time income.

As my business continue to thrive, I watched as all of my co-workers were either fired, forced to quit, or transferred to other departments.

The most rewarding part was knowing that I had stumbled upon… Read more…

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