Real Estate Business and Investment Opportunities Book by Bryan C. Wittenmyer

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Real Estate Business and Investment Opportunities Book by Bryan C. WittenmyerReal estate is the perfect business game for the little guy. Why? Because real estate offers dozens of lucrative profit centers, business opportunities, and investment gold mines for virtually anyone — Age, educational background, experience, gender, or capital holdings are all irrelevant.

The typical requirements for most jobs or fancy investments are not needed because real estate is a highly entrepreneurial field.

I started my investment business when I was 20 years old. Yes, 20-years old. I was so young and so dumb, people didn’t take me seriously. I was a baby-faced kid buying real estate properties (with minimal start-up cash). When I would meet the various workers and players in the business I’m sure they thought I was a joke–and I probably was–I knew next to nothing! You see, I had no degrees, no college, very little business knowledge, I barely knew which end of the screwdriver to hold, and I had only a small amount of money from my job. The bottom line–if I can do it–so can YOU.

All of that was twenty years ago. I am still in the game and I love it. Why does this matter? Because I can teach you what I know so you can do it too!

You will no longer have to be subject to the ups and downs of the economy, high inflation eroding away your buying power (in fact, inflation will be your friend as a real estate investor), a cranky boss, or your employer suddenly closing its doors and sending you away disenchanted and with a worthless pension. By the way, if you think Social Security will be enough to live on in 10 or 15 years, think again. Inflation is going to make your Social Security very, very difficult to survive on.

Real Estate Business and Investment Opportunities: The Complete Guide to Starting a High-Profit Business (with very little cash). by Bryan C. Wittenmyer

This unique e-book is not some tiny e-book with 50 or 60 pages, all in 18- point type with double spacing. No, far from it. It is a meaty, 380-page virtual encyclopedia of real estate investment opportunities and real estate service businesses you can start with small cash investments.

It comes with a comprehensive table of contents, subject index, resource appendix, and my personal e-mail address for questions after you read it.

I cover over 40 home-based business plans, any one of which can make the ambitious small investor a lot of money. You can start part-time, moonlighting on the side, until you build the confidence to go it full-time.

and many other unusual profit centers, profit kickers, income streams, sweet niche markets you can start profiting from now.

In fact, many of the opportunities explained will work for you as a sideline investment or business as your capital snowballs into a force to be recknoned with, then you can go full-time.

30-Minute Free telephone Consultation (or e-mail)-I’ll help you get started–Many folks have helped me–I’ll help you. $50 Value–FREE

Free Report–25 Compelling Reasons Why Real Estate is the Best Home-Based Business Opportunity Available Today!–$25 value–FREE

Seriously, what do you have to lose? This is a meaty, 380-page, professionally produced, PDF e-book with tons of tips, ideas, profit centers, niche business ideas, and resources to get you started. Even if you already are in real estate, you… Read more…

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