Real Estate Agent Complaint Success

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Real Estate Agent Complaint SuccessBuying a home or property is probably the largest investment you will ever make in your life. The stress of making such a huge decision is absolutely overwhelming on its own.

With the real estate market on shaky ground at the moment, some less than ethical real estate agents have turned to unsavory tactics to unload properties in order to make a quick buck.

The credit crunch has changed the face of mortgage lending by creating mass confusion and panic. Many mortgage types are no longer available and very few new ones have been created. People no longer know where to get the best mortgage or who to trust. So homes aren’t selling as fast any longer. Real estate agents aren’t raking in the commissions that they were cashing in on only a couple of years ago.

Do you despair at the state of global economy at the moment? Are you worried about your family and the consequences of the credit crunch, tumbling house prices and the nightmare of home repossession or being able to get a mortgage? Did your real estate agent use your fears to pressure you into a sale that you were not comfortable with or made promises that just did not add up?

Real Estate Agent Complaint Success: How To File A Complaint Against A Real Estate AgentCar Dealer And Get What You Want:

If you have been pressured into a real estate purchase because of false claims by a real estate agent . . . If you have fallen prey to unethical practices by a real estate agent . . .

And you don’t want to dedicate months of mortgage payments to try to get the issue resolved, you need Real Estate Agent Complaint Success: How To File A Complaint Against A Real Estate Agent And Get What You Want immediately to help you file your complaint quickly and easily.

Real Estate Agent Complaint Success is packed with Step-By-Step Examples Based On Filing Complaints With The Following:

For example, you just didn’t like the way the real estate agent’s breath smelled or the way the real estate agent dressed. Now most people would not file a complaint over issues like this but you would be surprised to know that there are some people that would. If you are treated inappropriately, lied to, deceived, or other similar acts, then these are more clear cases that would support filing a complaint.

If you move forward with filing a complaint, then you will need to select the right complaint type to file that will meet your desired outcome.

The regulations for real estate agents are generally under the state’s real estate laws. As part of the regulation process, real estate agents must obtain a license from the state where they are conducting business.

Foreclosure Rescue Schemes: One of the biggest concerns for consumers now comes in the form of unscrupulous foreclosure specialists. In some cases, desperate homeowners sign over the deed to their home to these so-called specialists, believing that they can stay in the home, make rent payments, and eventually re-purchase their property. In many cases, the rent payments that are supposed to go to the mortgage company never get sent. The specialist simply pockets the payments and any extra fees. The home continues into foreclosure, and the homeowner loses even more money. Read more…

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