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RE SAM Book!Have you ever wondered what some of the secret ways master real estate deal makers use in structuring real estate deals? Well, you are about to discover what is in that gap between you and what master real estate deal makers know!

Their knowledge that comes from experience is a KEY difference! …And their secret financing strategies are about to be disclosed to you right here…

My name is Rob Balucas, and I’ve been on a journey to learn from the best of the best. In my journey, talking to many real estate investors about who they consult on their deals here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I consistently heard 2 names; Ron Schwartz and George Antone.

Everyone recognized Ron Schwartz as the “Real Estate Deal Maker.” in fact, other experienced real estate investors I know went to him for help in creative deal structuring. He was indeed the “Master Deal Maker” like some referred to him!

What really convicted me beyond Ron’s ability is our shared vision and values. He really has the people involved in mind when doing business. He truly looks to create a win-win scenario, where one party’s benefit does not have to come at the expense of the other party.

George Antone, my other mentor/business partner; who is a very savvy real estate investor known for private lending, also regards Ron as the “Master Deal Maker.”

Today, almost 18 months later, I have become quite close to Ron, and I am blown away by the things this guy knows. So I convinced him to write an eBook on something unique that can take real estate investors to a whole new level!

Learn the Secret’s of How to Use a Shared Appreciation Mortgage or a Mezzanine Loan when securing financing for a real estate deal or a business venture, and to how avoid having to jump through hoops usually required by a traditional lender.

As an experienced investor, I have reviewed your book and it is excellent! What I especially like about it is that it helps to explain, with good examples, many of the aspects of investing that sound familiar but are not really understood. I commend you for taking the time to write this – it is greatly needed and will help many.

Imagine, putting together multi-million dollars deals and making huge profits for yourself and your investors and at the same time being in complete control of your own destiny by structuring deals in a way that make the most sense for you rather than the bank.

“Building Wealth using Alternative Financing Methods” by Ron Schwartz is an easy to read practical approach to wealth building. The definitions are concise and the examples are easy to follow and understand. When you are done reading this book you will have a good knowledgebase to begin building your wealth using others peoples money. If you truly want to learn how to increase your wealth, this book is a must read!

Do you want to be on the cutting edge and ahead of the competition? Then order this book now and LEARN THE SECRETS of these great alternative financing methods known as a Shared Appreciation Mortgage or a Mezzanine Loan.

Remember this is a Win – Win for the entire team. Get inside the inner… Read more…

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