Randy Charach – Secrets of a Millionaire Magician

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Randy Charach - Secrets of a Millionaire Magician“How To Skyrocket Your Income As An Entertainer, Doing The Shows You Want To Do – Where And When You Want To Do Them – While Leveraging Your Time And Producing Multiple Streams Of Income.”

“Anyone with talent will find the lessons to be learned from Randy of the greatest importance for the formation of a successful career.” Peter Reveen, Hypnotist, Las Vegas

“You’re now going to discover the secrets I used to become a millionaire as an entertainer.”

“And how earned several more million dollars running small related ventures without staff and on a shoestring budget.”

Suppose you could instantly access all the secrets, tools and resources you need to create all the bookings you want…

Waking up in your own bed each morning – or in whatever city in the world you choose to perform in…

Well, it isn’t if you have the right planning tools, marketing knowledge and contact information.

Once you know what is required to obtain bookings in the markets of your choice, then you just need to know how to reach each market.

Simply put, you can make a fortune in the entertainment business when you know what you’re doing. If you possess…the right blueprint for success.

It could take years and cost a small fortune to figure out just the right combination’s that make some of your efforts work – while others fall flat on their face.

After 20 years as a Magician, Mentalist and Speaker, and over 5,000 paid bookings, now going to share everything I know with you.

Well, for one thing, I no longer perform as an entertainer — so helping you gain the competitive edge you need to dominate this market is not going to hurt my business now. What do I do now instead of being the Millionaire Magician?

I’ve leveraged the money I’ve earned as an entertainer and now focus my business and marketing skills on various Internet ventures. Anyway, check this video out… “See What Lance Burton Says About The Millionaire Magician Now In This Exclusive Video!”

Secrets of a Millionaire Magician by Randy Charach has been updated and revised. It’s available as an instantly downloadable eBook for you to profit from right now! GET IT NOW or keep reading to find more about this valuable resource.

How a Free 10 minute show turned into a National Tour earning $18,000 in the first month, followed by over $87,300 worth of passive income during the next 8.5 months. And the cash flow – and fun – didn’t stop there!

I set up a table at a local chamber of commerce trade-show. It cost about $20 and was a small casual event. I did one little show at my table and was hired by the district marketing manager for a shopping center to perform at their national conference.

That booking led to a national tour, which led to more bookings and business for small, easy to operate profit streams that I set up to compliment my performing business.

Because this is just a small example of similar events that I will break down and explain in detail for you so you can duplicate my success.

We have an unfair advantage over most people. As entertainers we have the world as our market. Our job is to add enjoyment to… Read more…

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