Public Speaking and Presentations Course by Paul Daniels. How to Give a Great Speech

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Public Speaking and Presentations Course by Paul Daniels. How to Give a Great SpeechToday, regardless of what field you’re in, leadership requires you to be a convincing, persuasive public speaker. To learn this skill on your own would involve countless months or even years of grueling, torturous presentations, slowly learning from your painful mistakes and even outright humiliation. Ask any novice speaker and they’ll tell you that being able to control an audience is no easy task!

At last, there’s an easy solution for guaranteed public speaking success, a resource that will pay for itself many times over even if you give just a couple of speeches a year.

Let me tell you how this course came about. I’ve been a professional entertainer, presenter and public speaker for more than 35 years. But speaking didn’t come naturally for me. In fact, I often watched TV presenters and sat in audiences listening to great speakers wishing I had that ability.

When I decided to enter the world of show-business I was determined to succeed but I had many fears. What if nerves got the better of me? What if everyone could see my knees and hands shaking? What if I forgot was I going to say? I’m sure you can relate to that.

Although I had great personal determination to succeed, I consider myself very lucky to have been mentored by some of the biggest names in show business – superstars like Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra.

Now my career has come full circle. My own prime-time national BBC TV show ran for more than 15 years and it topped the ratings not only in England, but across the world in 47 other countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Spain and Japan. As a presenter, I have hosted some of the most popular game shows on British TV, including Odd One Out, Every Second Counts and the highly rated Wipe Out. I have starred in my own West End Theatre Show for several years, headlined in Las Vegas and Broadway, and been awarded the Golden Rose of Montreux.

These days I routinely speak in front of audiences ranging from a small group of Royalty (including Princes William and Harry, the Sultan of Brunei and Prince Rainier of Monaco) up to stadiums of many thousands. I speak to multi-million and billion dollar companies.

I tell you this not to boast, but to reassure you that I’m perfectly placed to help you deliver presentations that consistently wow your audiences.

I genuinely want to help you – if you’ll let me. You’ve just seen that I’ve devoted much time and energy to working my way to the top of the business.

How would you like to get insider access to the very same secret techniques that I discovered over the last 35 years, to create and present captivating speeches for any audience? Well, I am proud to offer the ultimate guide to public speaking and presentations…

Talk in front of any audience without the dread, fright or apprehension that you’ve been used to.. Fear sucks the life from your presentation, and we’ll show you how to easily conquer it.

1. Content. Your message must be jam packed with practical information, presented in a memorable and entertaining way.

3. Connection. You must be able to make a connection with the audience so that they respect you, admire you, and are willing to learn… Read more…

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