PT Business Action Plan

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PT Business Action Plan“Finally, A Step-by-Step, Ready-to-Use Personal Training Business Action Plan That Will Make Growing Your Business and Your Profits As Easy As Paint by Numbers!”

If you’re like most trainers I know, you probably have little (if any) business background. You’re passionate about fitness, you love helping people and you truly enjoy being in the gym. But when it comes to the business side of personal training, you’d gladly take a pass if you could. Does any of this sound familiar:

But let’s face it…if you want to start making any real money as a personal trainer you’re going to have to start running your business like a…

No more flying by the seat of your pants. No more “putting out fires” instead of focusing on what’s really important. No more thinking that a marketing plan is going to a networking event and passing out business cards when you’re running short on cash.

I know what you’re thinking: “Enough telling me what I’m not supposed to do…how do I know what I’m supposed to do?”

Well, it’s easier than you may think. There’s a simple approach to knowing exactly what’s important. Exactly how you should be spending your time. Exactly how you’re going to grow your business.

It’s called a Business Action Plan – and it’s your blueprint for developing, managing and growing a tremendously profitable personal training business.

Now don’t let me confuse you…a Business Action Plan isn’t the same type of business plan that you’d take to the bank when you’re trying to secure a loan. Instead, it’s a roadmap that guides you to developing the business of your dreams. It’s like having your own business blueprint that directs you to take the appropriate actions and create the right systems – at your fingertips – so you know exactly what to do every day to move you closer to success.

At the Fitness Consulting Group we’ve just kind of taken Business Action Plans for granted. We use them for our health club, our training businesses and our consulting business. We’ve always just considered them a way of life if you’re in business.

But recently Nick and I were having our first coaching call with a very successful trainer that wanted us to help him take him business to the next level. When we mentioned developing a Business Action Plan there was long silence. Then he responded, almost sounding confused. To quote him:

Needless to say, Nick and I quickly came to the conclusion that if this trainer hadn’t ever utilized a Business Action Plan, most other trainers hadn’t either.

So we decided that we needed to get this powerful tool in as many trainers’ hands as possible. So we went to work to develop a template that any trainer could use to create their own success blueprint. When we were finished, we had come up with a tool that even the most “business challenged” trainer could easily use to plan their own business building strategy.

Many fitness pros make the mistake of not approaching their business as a business. If you treat your business like a hobby it will pay like a hobby. If you want to make any real money – you MUST treat your business like a business. Read more…

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