Proven Automated Forex Signals – Forex Trading Signals – Forex Trade Signal for Metatrader

Introduction by ebook's author:

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Proven Automated Forex Signals - Forex Trading Signals - Forex Trade Signal for MetatraderI highly recommend this system! It’s very easy to use and it’s profitable. “I cannot thank you enough for sharing such a wonderful system with us! After being disappointed so many times with other systems, I am now very excited about the future of Forex trading. Thanks guys! Keep up the great work.” – Thomas, USA.

Forex Executor is the leading forex club that not only provides the most affordable and reliable access to highly profitable forex trading systems, but also provides professional up to date trading portfolio along with automated buy/sell signals for its members.

When we started Forex Executor, we made a decision. We wanted to help forex traders understand the true realities of trading. We’ve all tried Robots/EAs with tons of promise and very little results. The truth is these software systems always fall apart. When the market goes wild, no “robot” can predict market conditions!

The internet is also full of expensive training systems and signals/trading rooms promising huge results, only to disappoint hopeful members. Those expensive trading signals/trading rooms, cheap e-books and Holy Grail systems are for the most part a myth designed to separate the novice from their money. The problem is that everyone is claiming to be a professional trader, even those selling the snake oil robots.

After sign up, download and install the Auto Executor Software onto your Metatrader account. Then create your own portfolio from various profitable trading system(s) inside our member area or duplicate our Feature Portfolios.

Whenever your chosen trading system(s) or trader(s) execute a trade, our auto executor software places that same trade onto your account.

By creating a portfolio consists more than one trading system, if one trading system has a bad day, your other trading system may have done better. Smooth your trading results! This is the same basic principle use by a hedge fund manager. A hedge fund will diversify between different investments to balance poor performing investments with good performers.

Before our initial launch in April 2011, we offered more than 250 real forex traders a free trial to test the reability of our system and verify our result. We show our trading results in real time (tracked by mt4i). We don’t have anything to hide. We mean business!

Hi guys, Thanks for this fantastic opportunity! “I was invited to test Forex Executor before it launched to public. And quite frankly, I have been “blown away” by this new trading platform. Forex Executor is such an amazing trading system. It has proven to be reliable and profitable! In addition, your transparency and dedicated support of your product has been second to none. No question has gone unanswered. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Forex Executor to anyone (rookies included) who is determined to earn some serious additional income through trading in the Forex market. Thanks!” Rick Andrew, UK

Let me cut through the hype and show you that our service gives you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE unlike anything you’ve EVER seen before…

1. You do NOT have to wake up or be near a computer 24 hours a day waiting for the signals to trade along with a professional (real trader).

3. You get an experienced professional Forex trader, not just a robot, trading your account for you, 24 hours a day. Read more…

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