PropFrog – The Pad To Launch Your Deals

Introduction by ebook's author:

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PropFrog - The Pad To Launch Your DealsIf you’re struggling to make money investing in real estate, the software I’m about to reveal to you is exactly what you need to succeed …

This software allows you to simply click and create showcase websites for your properties, create an Automatic Buyers List, and build up multiple streams of revenue with one action!

This is Real Estate Investor Marketing for Web 3.0 … and best of all no technical skills are required!

Create online property “fliers” in 6 easy steps! – Don’t have properties yet? Don’t worry — I’ll show you step-by-step how to get sellers to hand over their homes to YOU!

I’ll market your properties to the search engines – this can get you seen by over 1,000,000 people fast, this is all automatic, we do this for you!

Manage your properties and leads and build a list of cash buyers from one central control “pad”!

No Time – set it up with a few mouse clicks and get started instantly – you can literally be making money in a mere matter of minutes from now!

No Major Cash Investment – with my current special one-time fee offer you can get started for just $197 … you could easily make that back your first day!

No Hassles – this tool is incredibly easy to use … it’s basically “plug and play”! You don’t need any special tech knowledge … heck you don’t need any tech knowledge AT ALL!

You’re about to find out how an average guy with no web experience and a struggling real estate investing business was able to COMPLETELY turn things around and begin making $65k a month in no time!

I urge you to read every single word below because what I have to say could REALLY change your life…

In the same way you have stumbled across this letter, imagine stumbling across an incredible tool that would allow you to surpass even your wildest real estate investment earnings goals.

Imagine suddenly having a tool that you could use to generate $???, $??? or even $??? a month … without even selling a house!

Imagine if you could use that tool to create a steady income that would allow you to do any real estate deal you want in the future!

I’m talking about a tool that’s incredibly powerful … and also incredibly easy to use.

I can guarantee that what I’m about to reveal to you is unlike any marketing tool you’ve used in the past. This software is so raw and new it’ll shock you.

This tool alone is responsible for my amazing investing success – and I’m positive it can do the same for you. But please keep in mind, I wrote this letter just for my subscribers and a few friends. I plan to take it down very soon.

By now some of you may already have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on get-rich-quick products. And by the end of this year, some of you will probably have wasted several hundred more dollars on useless ebooks. The worst thing is most of you know before you even buy these materials that you won’t make any money from them – yet you order them anyway, hoping against hope that you’ll eventually come across something that actually does what it promises. Read more…

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