Project Management Basics – Project Management Training

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Project Management Basics - Project Management TrainingDo you just sit there and do more of the same stuff you were good at yesterday? After all that is how you got to where you are…right? Or do you learn about your new role and try to make the best of the new situation?

Since you have already shown yourself to be one of the best in your field, you’ve probably read more than your share of study materials to get ahead of your peers. And in the world management, it is no different.

After many years of teaching Project Management to Six Sigma Blackbelts, I have come up with a training program to bring new project managers up to speed QUICKLY.

This is same course that people pay $3000 for me to deliver in person. But not everyone learns the same way. If books are better for you than one-on-one training, here’s your opportunity to take advantage of this offer.

Hi, my name is Scott Jameson and I have spent over 30 years in Product Design Project Management for GE, Ford, Bechtel and a former instructor to teach these skills to Six Sigma Black Belts. Now it’s time for you to catapult your career to success using these power proven techniques.

After these 30 years of managing projects, a Fortune 500 company recruited me to teach these skills to select group in their company. The company was implementing the Six Sigma Program and creating Black Belt Project leaders. Brilliantly, the company recognized that technical skills were insufficient and would not create rapid results if not accompanied Project Management skills. Project management basic training began in the summer of 2000 with unprecedented results.

Black Belt after Black Belt internalized these skills and blasted their own project to completion in record time. The CEO and VP’s were not only astonished by these results but excited how that transferred to the bottom line.

So much so, that the company awarded the Black Belts stock options and promoted them into more responsible positions. Incredibly, even Wall Street took notice:

2001 Annual Report of Fortune 500 Company spotlights Six Sigma Project Managers for their Leadership Skills and Contributions to the Company’s Success!

This is not some pie in the sky course that takes 10 weeks to learn and costs you thousand of dollars. Is is not written by some guy who never ran a project in his life. This course is no nonsense and used daily by myself and others.

“Dear Scott- I’m encouraged after learning your techniques about Project and Team Management. They will enhance my performance as a Six Sigma Black Belt. Thanks for this valuable course. Keep up the good work!”

“Scott, thanks for providing such an enlightening information blueprint. After going through 100+ pages of power-packed information, I’m definitely confident about managing my next project. I manage people on a daily basis, from graphic designers to computer programmers and know your guide will better prepare me to complete our projects much quicker and with less road bumps along the way. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!”

“Scott- Project Management Basics is great! I have been using this almost a year and have received the highest performance rating available at my company….and this is first time ever. Thanks especially for the lessons on Meeting Managment. They work..

“Scott- Great stuff. Finally a straightforward way… Read more…

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