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Introduction by ebook's author:

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Private Membership Invitation“While most people are worrying about the recession, a small group of smart individuals are getting obscenely rich, and are set to get even richer as we come out of it…”

Welcome to this private invitation. You were contacted because every few months as members complete their training a few new places become available, and you are invited -more on that later.

This is not advertised to the masses, it’s a unique, and confidential group of like minded individuals who want real wealth, power and freedom in their lives.

The following letter will explain the who, what, why and when. So please take a few minutes to find out if you’re suitable, this could be the most important invitation you’ve ever received…

For the last 12 years I have run a unique inner circle group the members of which are passionate about improving their finances, gaining more personal power and achieving freedom in an unfree world. I am their guide and teacher along this exciting path. This is a private invitation for you to apply for a place.

Please don’t simply dismiss my claims; let me prove to you how I make my money, and how you too can make thousands of dollars every month within weeks of starting.

And, unlike most people I DO actually make a lot of money from what I’m about to explain to you.

Are you ready to act, right now, to get everything you have always dreamed about? It’s hard for me to believe I have been running my Inner Circle group for ten years. During that time I have shown over 23,000 people how to become richer and have a better life. That’s what I do best. That’s what I’d like to do for you.

Read the genuine testimonials HERE The question I get asked more than any other single question is: “I’m raring to go, but what business should I run for maximum profit in minimum time? I don’t have any ideas or know-how” For the last two years I have been working on that answer and I have printed the solution in a brand new monthly programme called The Wealth Guide Inner-Circle. But first let me remind you of the basics of making money…

I am assuming that you are not the sort of person to rely on luck but want to steer your own ‘ship of prosperity’ instead of drifting with the tide? So that leaves just one way of getting rich!

There are no other legal ways and you certainly will never make the big bucks working for someone else – in case you hadn’t noticed!

Achieving great wealth and happiness starts with having a dream or a business idea. Today’s dreams are surely tomorrow’s realities. So you blew it last year? You have a chance to redeem yourself this year – if you have any fight left in you, of course.

Wealth Fact #3 The rewards of life come to those who do, not to those who merely read, talk or day dream. Action is the key.

My name is Michael Milligan. I’m what you could call a true-life example of an ordinary person who has made a fortune stating from nothing and have many current business interests. One thing you should know straight away is that I am a millionaire… Read more…

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